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Hotels ask the FCC if they can control all customer Wi-Fi activity

December 30, 2014
Hotels believe that even though signal jammers are banned by the FCC, such banning does not apply to the unlicensed frequencies of Wi-Fi.
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In the UK, stealing your neighbor’s Wi-Fi is common

October 24, 2014
The UK’s Computer Misuse Act 1990 implies that it might be illegal if you guessed your neighbor's Wi-Fi password.
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Grandmother spends over $6,000 to block Wi-Fi and cellular signals in her house

October 23, 2014
A grandmother has spent over $6000 "WiFi-proofing" her house for supposed health reasons.
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Two hard drives may decide Google’s fate in data collection lawsuit

October 1, 2014
20 people are suing Google for capturing private data from Wi-Fi networks through Google's Street View Cars.
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Southwest passenger creates Wi-Fi hotspots like “Bomb On Board”

September 15, 2014
A passenger created a Wi-Fi hotspot named "Bomb on Board."
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Researchers reveal new Wi-Fi tech that can power battery-free IoT devices

August 11, 2014
Wi-fi backscatter is a new technology that could potentially power battery-free devices for use in the Internet of Things.
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The next gen Wi-Fi standard is coming. Wi-Fi’s 802.11ax could reach 10Gbps

July 15, 2014
Work on 802.11ax Wi-Fi has started and it could offer amazing per device speeds. But don't hold your breath, it won't be ratified until 2019!
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Storm brewing as security experts reckon that Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password on the planet

September 16, 2013
Because of Android's "Back up my data" service, Google knows the passwords to all the Wi-Fi networks you access and the NSA can get at that data too. The simplest option right now is to de-activate the service, but how many users will bother?
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New Sony Google TV device gets Wi-Fi certification

April 24, 2013
A new Sony Google TV device, (product number NSZ-G8), has recently received Wi-Fi certification, but it hasn't been officially announced by Sony yet.
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AT&T and Boingo partner up to offer their customers expanded Wi-Fi access while traveling abroad

April 10, 2013
AT&T and Boingo Wireless are teaming up to bring their customers a wider level of Wi-Fi access while traveling abroad. Although this might sound like a good deal for customers, it comes with a catch for AT&T users.
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