4G providers tell the White House that it can’t force them to follow government security guidelines

by 1 year ago

Some of the biggest names in American telecommunications, including¬†AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Comcast and Microsoft, have released an inconclusive report about how the US government should enforce (by law if necessary) cyber security controls in the¬†communications sector. The working group, which was set up to advise the¬†Federal Communications Commission (FCC), reported that there was no¬†consensus within the¬†committee¬†regarding the extent to which the government should “encourage” the communications industry to use the so-called “20 Controls.” The 20 controls is a list of practices that all infrastructure and utility companies (including¬†electricity, water and¬†telecommunications) should implement to protect the USA against cyber attack. The…

White House says making unlocking phones illegal was a bad idea, aims to fix it

by 1 year ago

The whole cell phone unlocking thing left a bad taste in the mouths of Americans. It’s bad enough that developers get hounded by carriers for unlocking bootloaders and obtaining root, but unlocking the SIM and changing carriers was something we all thought we’d have forever. Until we didn’t have it anymore. In response, a petition was started at the official White House website to get that overturned. A couple week ago, my esteemed colleague J. Angelo Racoma reported that the petition had a whopping 100,000 signatures. Now, the White House has responded. Their response? That the petition signers were right…