Roboto Shows the Future of a Design-Oriented Android OS

by 2 years ago

It’s always been a shame that Google wasn’t focusing on Android’s design as much as they should’ve in the early versions. It should’ve been one of their main priorities from day one. Design is very important. It’s not just for “fashion” oriented people – good design can make something not only beautiful and a joy to watch, but also a joy to use, and it can increase your productivity, too, but being as simple to use as possible, rather than getting in your way, and making you forget what exactly everything does inside the OS. Fortunately, Google has started realizing…

Bad News for Microsoft: HTC Might Buy webOS

by 2 years ago

HTC is reportedly being interested in acquiring webOS from HP. HP is probably still not sure whether they want to sell it or not, most likely along with their Palm patents, which HTC could also really use against Apple (and maybe Microsoft later). Also, HTC says if they are doing this they want it to be a very rational decision, and not an impulse one. First of all, they need to be sure HP isn’t ripping them off, asking them for many billions of dollars for it. In my opinion webOS is worth even less now than it did when…

Why You’d Want to Buy an HP TouchPad When the Next Batch Arrives

by 2 years ago

To me, it was the ridiculously low fire sale price and the potential for running Android that made the HP TouchPad gain back a heartbeat after its maker pronounced it dead. Within just hours after HP announced the lower prices for a product it no longer wishes to continue producing, retailers selling the device ran out of stock quickly. Even HP’s own online store and its company-owned outlets quickly ran out of units. Thousands of queuing customers didn’t get their hands on the HP TouchPad. They simply fell in line too late. And, right now, a lot of them are…

1 Million More HP TouchPad Units Coming Before November

by 2 years ago

HP has announced its plan to produce one more batch of HP TouchPad tablets, due to reach store shelves before October 31.  Industry sources say HP might produce 500,000 to 1 million more units. HP recently decided to kill the HP TouchPad and clear out the remaining units in warehouses through an absurdly marked-down price sale.  That did the trick, and stocks were cleared very quickly.  The HP TouchPad suddenly earned a great demand–thanks to the drastic price cut. Analyst Shaw Wu told AppleInsider that HP’s decision is both “surprising and confusing.” Despite the high demand that the lowering of…

TouchDroid Project Putting Android on HP TouchPad to Go On Despite Hitting Bumps

by 2 years ago

The TouchDroid project, which was supposed to produce a port of Android that can replace the webOS operating system on the HP TouchPad, is currently going through a bumpy ride. Yahoo! News reports that a member of the team working on the TouchDroid project has allegedly misused funds donated to the project and has allegedly misrepresented the group. Thomas Sohmers, the project’s leader, told media that a member of his team used project funds to buy HP TouchPad units and resold the units for profit. The same team member also allegedly removed TouchDroid’s Twitter account and deleted files that are…

Should Samsung or Google Buy webOS?

by 2 years ago

According to a report from Digitimes, Samsung is considering buying webOS from HP. Some people think that this is because of Google buying Motorola, and while this may be true to some extent, Samsung have been weighing their options for a while now. They made the Bada OS as a back-up to Android, which is not doing too bad right now, out-selling WP7, but I’m sure they’d like it to be a lot more successful than it is. However, it’s very hard to beat Android’s momentum right now. Even Microsoft is having a hard time doing that with WP7. And…

Without Android, Would Manufacturers Be Like Apple or Palm, Right Now?

by 2 years ago

The mobile market experienced an earthquake when Apple launched in 2007. But it wasn’t felt right away. It was an earthquake that was felt gradually, and increasing in strength as time went by. It took a while for the other manufacturers to realize the implications of the touchscreen smartphone. The leaders in the industry, Nokia and RIM, and even Microsoft, did exactly what I would expect industry leaders to do when they get disrupted – they dismissed the iPhone. They kept dismissing it for years, until they finally realized that the demand for iPhones is not slowing down at all,…

Palm webOS UI head joins Google’s Android team

by 4 years ago

In what can only be considered fantastic news for the Android platform, one of the main forces behind Palm’s lovely and easy to use webOS user interface, Matias Duarte, has joined fellow Danger Inc. alum Andy Rubin on Google’s Android development team.  Duarte is now the User Experience Director for Android. For those of you that don’t keep tabs on what happens in the non-Android world, it’s worth noting that HP recently announced that it was buying Palm. [via Engadget]

Palm to drop WebOS and use Android instead?

by 4 years ago

Thanks to Slashdot, there is a rumor floating around that Palm may be dropping their beloved WebOS platform in favor of Android. The leak comes from a Slashdot reader who believes that an internal memo is (or will be) circulated stating the following, “While Palm is incredibly proud of our engineers who spent timeless work and effort to bring us this advanced operating system, consumers simply have not caught on. To provide a better future for ourselves and our customers, the only logical choice is to transition our hardware and software to the Android platform.” According to the supposed memo,…

Adobe Flash 10 for Android not coming this month – or anytime soon

by 4 years ago

Today Adobe announced that it plans on releasing developer versions and, later,  open beta versions of its Flash Player 10.1 for Windows Mobile and Palm webOS smartphones by the end of this year, but that Android won’t even get a beta until sometime next year – 2010. That’s a far cry from what we heard from the company in June, which led folks to believe that we’d see the Open Screen Project’s Flash 10 player for smartphones, including Android, this month.  Heck, now it is saying that it won’t be until next year when Android gets even a beta version…