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Why I prefer Samsung Gear’s Tizen to Android Wear

by Matthew BensonJanuary 26, 2015
Google's Android Wear is not without its nice showcases (the G Watch R comes to mind), but for me it simply can't match wits with a product like the Gear S.
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Sense object recognition could create a limitless, interactive encyclopaedia

by Rob TriggsJanuary 16, 2015
Sense, an intelligent cloud-based recognition engine, could help create a limitless, interactive encyclopaedia of things based on information from users.
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Lumoid now offers wearables to try before you buy

by Rob TriggsJanuary 14, 2015
Lumoid, a short-term online product rental business, has just added a selection of fitness trackers and basic smartwatches to its service. Now you can try before you buy.
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CES takeaway: wearables

by Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 10, 2015
We're recapping the most popular wearable announcements at CES 2015. A lot of great technology was announced, so if you didn't have a chance to catch any of it, check out our wearable roundup!
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MediaTek introduces its MT2601 SoC, designed for Android Wear

by Rob TriggsJanuary 7, 2015
MediaTek has announced its dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 MT2601 SoC designed for wearable devices based on Google's Android Wear software.
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ASUS to unveil three wearables in 2015, releases Morse-code CES teaser video

by Rob TriggsJanuary 2, 2015
ASUS plans to launch three new wearable products in 2015, including a second-gen ZenWatch. The company has also released another teaser for CES 2015.
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Sony is developing a Google Glass-like display that can be used with a normal pair of glasses

by Jimmy WestenbergDecember 17, 2014
Sony will begin production on their new heads up display sometime within the year.
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Track your fitness for cheap with the $30 Movo Wave

by Rob TriggsDecember 12, 2014
The new Movo Wave fitness tracker costs just $29.99 and comes with the basic features needed to keep track of your exercise regime.
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New Moto 360 commercials – elegance meets, um, function

by Jonathan FeistDecember 3, 2014
Motorola is having some fun showing off their Moto 360, Android Wear powered smartwatch, in a pair of new commercials. Elegance, meet function, and burritos.
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Motorola now selling Moto 360 leather and metal bands

by Jonathan FeistNovember 27, 2014
Motorola is now selling leather and steel bands for your Moto 360 Android Wear powered smartwatch. $30 to choose from three colors of leather and the steel band comes in two colors for $80.
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