Google Glass

Wearable technology is debatable, but the promise it holds is not. Even if Glass ends up completely tanking, the innovation that come from it are valuable commodities. Glass will operate on Android, meaning the entire ecosystem is being pushed forward.


Do you think that wearable devices, whether it’s glasses, watches, or clothing, could be the next big thing in tech? Would you replace your smartphone with a wearable Android device?


When it comes to attracting pledges and attention from Android and iOS users everywhere, it’s hard to call the Pebble smartwatch anything other than a massive success. The idea of a smartwatch with its own apps and the ability to connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth is certainly compelling enough. While an official release date has yet to be settled on, Pebble has recently posted a video demo of the smartphone UI to its Kickstarter page in order to generate some new excitement for the watch’s user interface.

What good is a wearable device if you can't power it with wearable batteries, too?

Researchers from the University of South Carolina have been able to convert a regular, store-bought shirt into a capacitor, which means that the very clothes we wear could, someday, power the... myriad of devices we use in our everyday lives.

While wearable devices are currently iffy at best, we do carry a handful of devices on our person, including our smartphones, personal music playe...

Photo Credits: Google

Photo Credits: Google

It seems as if Moore’s Law is standing firm and being proven correct with the advancements of late, in social technology. Let’s take... a quick peek at the undertaking of Google to meld reality and interweave it in the threads of cyberspace. This technology has actually been around a while and it’s called augmented reality, but...


With consumers lapping up the latest technology faster than ever before, research firm Forrester has released a new report on wearable devices and how they are set to become the next big thing.... The firm noted, however, that wearable devices would only go mainstream once Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook – the big five platforms – and their developer communities — make more...