Smartphone snuff: extreme things you probably shouldn’t do to your Xperia Go [Video]

by 2 years ago

Some smartphones are made more durable than others, but it doesn’t mean you should let your imagination run too wild on devising ways to torture your phone — unless you have the money and time to spend. Cue the following videos, which will show just how tough the compact Android phone that goes (see what I did there?) by the name of Sony Xperia Go can be. Before we get to the videos, here’s a brief reminder of what the Xperia Go comes with underneath the rugged surface. The phone boasts a 3.5-inch HVGA display, dual-core 1GHz NovaThor processor, 512MB RAM,…

Waterproof your device with Liquipel

liquipel header
by 2 years ago

Have you ever dropped your phone in a sink, in a swimming pool, or worse, a toilet? Have you ever forgotten your cellphone in your pocket and then put it in the washing machine? The steep cost of high-end smartphones available nowadays means people will spend slightly more to ensure that their device is protected and in pristine condition. While most cases protect against unexpected drops and falls onto solid ground, waterproofing a device is a whole different ball game. A device dropped in water for even a few seconds could spell big trouble. While there are some household solutions to…

SDG Systems unveils “bulletproof” Android-based Rampage 6 phablet

Rampage 6
by 2 years ago

There are those who look for the best possible performance from their smartphone or tablet. There are those who want the most elegant, the thinnest and lightest gadgets. Devices with high-res screens have themselves their share of fans, no matter if they come with the best hardware or not. Finally, there are (a couple of) people who couldn’t care less about performance, portability or display clarity, but put a very big price on sturdiness and ruggedness. Related: History of the Phablet If you’re one of those few people, you should be overjoyed to hear that SDG Systems has unveiled the…