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White Droid RAZR Hits Verizon for $299 On Contract

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 15, 2011

Black has always been “in”. However, recently, white has become the new black. And if you like the new white color, Verizon announced yesterday that you can go pick up the white version of the Droid RAZR for $299 just like it’s non albino brother.

The white Droid RAZR is not completely white, but no matter what, this Droid RAZR variant is looking quite sexy in white. And just in time for a snowy winter?

But don’t forget, today is also the day that the Galaxy Nexus finally hits Verizon. Now that you have three incredible choices, (Droid Razr in black, white, and the Galaxy Nexus) which new super phone are you going to choose? Let us know [...]

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Verizon Shared Data Plans Coming in 2012 Says Verizon CEO

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 11, 2011

For families, sharing minutes and messages is probably the best way to save money. Almost every wireless provider now offers a plan like this. However, to our knowledge, not one wireless provider offers a plan for sharing data. No, we are not talking about sending emails and files, we are talking about multiple users sharing the same data plan.

Back in June, AT&T admitted that they were working on shared data plans for their customers. However, they refused to give out a date for the plan’s release. When Verizon’s CEO, Lowell McAdam, told the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, “I think in 2012 we will see it… Getting to one bill [...]

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Chinese Motorola XT928 Nowhere Near Motorola RAZR

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 8, 2011

Comparing the Chinese Motorola XT928 with the Verizon version available in the US is not an easy task. This is because there are several differences that set apart this particular model with the Motorola RAZR.

First off, there’s the dual-sim capability of the phone. This alone, already sets the barrier from the US version. Moreover, the XT928 has been upgraded and equipped with 4.5-inch HD display and a 13 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, these added features have made this particular Motorola device a tad bit chunkier to what we’re used to. This is why there are many who do not consider this as a close variant to the RAZR.

As for its physical aesthetic, the [...]

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Verizon: Not Technically Blocking Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 7, 2011

With the anticipated launch of the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon, it can only be expected that interested parties will be eager to find what sort of applications will be available on the device. Unfortunately, Verizon has requested Samsung to block the ability of mobile payments through the highly useful Google Wallet app. When asked why, Verizon refused to further comment on this unexpected turn of events.

Hours later, much talk has been exchanged about this decision. Fearing that this is one feature that will disappoint its users, Jeffrey Nelson (a spokesman from Verizon) said that the company will ‘not be technically blocking the app’. At the moment, the company is [...]

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Why Verizon Is Blocking Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus

by: LucianDecember 7, 2011

We’ve heard rumors about Verizon blocking Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus a while ago, and while this is as anti-competitive as it gets, especially after the new open spectrum and net neutrality rules that Google helped push, they manage to pull this off by having Google not make the app available in the first place. If the app is not available, it means they are off the hook.

There are 2 reasons why they would want to do this. The first one is the most shameless one, and it’s because they want their upcoming mobile payment app Isis, which is a competitor to Google Wallet, to become the defacto payment app for all their Android handsets. Knowing carriers, [...]

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LTE: Verizon Versus the Rest of the Pack

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 4, 2011


As soon as you turn on your TV nowadays, chances are you are going to get blasted with tons of 4G or LTE commercials from all of the best wireless providers. Therefore, you are probably wondering which provider has the best 4G “LTE” network. First, we think it would be nice to define the terms “4G” and “LTE”:

4G: is the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. It is a successor to the 3G and 2G families of standards.

LTE: This is also known as “3GPP Long Term Evolution”. Because LTE does not comply with the 4G standards, it is considered a pre-4G technology. However, the peak download speeds [...]

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Gets A Release Date, Pre-Order Too?

by: Matthew SabatiniNovember 28, 2011

Remember the Galaxy Nexus? How about the Verizon Exclusive Galaxy Nexus? After a month since its announcement and the rumors circulated, we are all still left without any details on how to get our hands on the hottest Android device and possibly the best new smartphone.

Although it is still unofficial, (considering Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone), Computer World has reason to believe that the Verizon branded LTE Galaxy Nexus is finally coming to Earth on December 8; with available pre-orders starting on November 29. They have used “micdawg” as a source:

Last week I sent an email to Verizon letting them know how disgusted I was with [...]

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Verizon Files Trademark for ‘Hologram,’ Stirs Rumors of 3D Smartphone

by: Rann May SmithNovember 25, 2011

Verizon recently filed a trademark application for “Hologram,” which stirred rumors about a new handset device with 3D capabilities from the said company. No further information was provided, but rumors has it that Verizon might produce either an entirely new 3D phone or an upgrade of handsets we have seen before.

AT&T and Sprint were the first ones to launch the 3D phones in the U.S. without the need for glasses such as HTC Evo 3D and LG Thrill. It was disappointing, thoug,h that these phones didn’t live up to the expectations in terms of sales, but Verizon may have felt the need to catch up with the other providers in terms of technology. Hence, the [...]

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Samsung Confirms Galaxy Nexus Hitting U.S. in December

by: Carl ParkerNovember 24, 2011

Current rumors place the Galaxy Nexus’ release date some time within the remaining days of November.  But, Samsung apparently confirmed to Business Insider that the Galaxy Nexus will be reaching the U.S. in December instead of November.  Another source, CNET, received an email from Verizon regarding the device’s availability in the U.S. later this year.

CNET added that this could mean release later this month, as initially announced. However, the site noted that the possibility is not likely since November is already coming to an end.

Another sign of the December launch is a recently leaked marketing scheme schedule from an unnamed source. Written in the schedule [...]

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Verizon vs. AT&T: Battle of the LTE Android Phones

by: AlexanderNovember 21, 2011

Android battle is really heating up this holiday season. Verizon has three great LTE devices already available or becoming available really soon – the Motorola Droid Razr, HTC Rezound, and the Galaxy Nexus. But here is the confusing part about the Galaxy Nexus: Google updated the Nexus website to show only 16gb version of the LTE Galaxy Nexus, when we have all seen the 32gb version. Also, Verizon has trained their employees on the idea of having a 32gb Galaxy Nexus.

To help ease your mind, you can look at the leaked document shown above and see that the Galaxy Nexus does have a [...]

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