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Verizon: Galaxy S3 shipping date pushed back another day

by: SamJune 15, 2012

Just over a week ago, Verizon started to let their customers pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, unlike their direct competitors, the folks at AT&T or Sprint (shipping the Galaxy S3 on June 21), Verizon disappointed a lot of eager customers when they announced that they will only begin selling Samsung’s hit device on July 9. As if that was not bad enough, now Bid Red has gone back and changed the shipping date from July 9 to July 10.

It’s only one day, so nothing to get into a fuss about, right? Well, after going through months of rumors and teasing, 24 hours should not be much of a problem, although I am sure that at least some Verizon customers [...]

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Verizon says no date set yet for ICS upgrade on Motorola Droid Razr

by: Bams SadewoJune 13, 2012

There was a glimmer of hope that the Motorola Droid Razr and Razr Maxx would get their Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on June 12, but that day came and passed without so much as a whiff of an ice cream serving. It looks like that “source within Verizon” that CNET cited last week has proven to be less than accurate. So when is the update coming for the two phones?

Responding to a question asked on the company’s Twitter account about the release schedule of ICS for Droid Razr, they replied that there’s no date set yet for the upgrade. This leaves owners of the phone to hang on to what Motorola has written on its ICS roadmap, which states that the “ICS upgrade roll out begins [...]

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Verizon Share Everything plans: what you need to know

by: Mike AndriciJune 13, 2012

Roughly a full month ago, Verizon was announcing that they will soon start pushing a new data share plan, one that will allow multiple users to connect multiple devices that all draw from a single bucket/pool of data. Fortunately for those of us eager to learn more about how this data share plan will actually work, Big Red has disclosed yesterday the full details regarding the new Verizon Share Everything family plan for phone calls, text messages and data usage.

Verizon’s Share Everything Fees & Structure

Verizon’s Share Everything data plan – available starting June 28 – is probably one of the most dynamic plans ever offered by a mobile carrier. The [...]

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Motorola RAZR MAXX tops Verizon sale charts as the iPhone loses its first US battle

by: Mike AndriciJune 12, 2012

According to Anil Doradla, a financial analyst with global investment banking and asset management firm William Blair, the Apple iPhone has stopped being the best selling smartphone at Verizon for the current quarter. This marks a premiere since the iPhone was first released at Verizon, as well as since the first iPhone reached AT&T back on June 29, 2007.

Up until now, after each quarter, the Apple iPhone was declared the best selling smartphone at every single North American carrier it landed on. Continuing among these lines, it should be mentioned that despite the slightly smaller success of the iPhone 4S at Verizon, Apple maintained its top position with AT&T and [...]

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Verizon new Share Everything Plans now official

by: Chris SmithJune 12, 2012

Verizon announced today its new Share Everything plans, which will surely be appreciated by at least some Verizon subscribers. As expected, the new plans can be bundled with all devices that support wireless data including “basic phones,” featurephones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, netbooks, and others.

Starting with June 28, when the new plan will be available to Verizon subscribers, Share Everything plans will offer you unlimited voice minutes, unlimited SMS and MMS messaging and “a single data allowance for up to 10 Verizon Wireless devices,” with Mobile Hotspot support and 4G LTE connectivity being part of the deal. That means you [...]

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Sony SmartWatch is now available from Verizon for $149.97

by: Arnold ZafraJune 11, 2012

If we didn’t convince you to snag the Sony SmartWatch the first time we reported about it, maybe this time you might consider finally scoring one for yourself or your loved one.

But where to get it from? Of course, from your ever dependable Verizon Wireless online store, which is now selling for $149.97.

So, are you ready to part ways with that amount of money? To help you make a decision, let us quickly review the features of the Sony SmartWatch. Or better, let us take a look at how Verizon Wireless is selling this snazzy wearable computer.

According to Verizon, the Sony SmartWatch connects to your Android smartphone via [...]

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Motorola Droid Razr HD just got real, actual pictures leaked and benchmark is out

by: Bams SadewoJune 11, 2012

Droid Life

It looks like the Motorola Droid Razr HD isn’t just a figment of our imagination, as pictures of the actual device have leaked online. What’s even better, the folks at Droid-Life have spotted some benchmarks result of the Droid Razr HD. Let’s go through the whole thing.

Fans of the Razr will be pleased to see that Motorola hasn’t taken any drastic measures to alter the look of its Razr lineup. Back in full force is the Kevlar back cover, which now adorns the whole back part of the phone. The micro HDMI and USB ports are placed on the bottom of the phone, and despite the noticeable lack of a hump on the back, rumor has it the Droid Razr HD will come equipped [...]

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Android Authority smartphone buying guide: June 2012

by: Brandon SobottaJune 9, 2012

This month’s buyer’s guide brings something different to Android Authority.

We have rolled together all the US mobile networks in one place, and have selected only the best phones for you. We will also be covering rumored or soon to be released phones, in case what you find below is not quiet to your liking. Let’s kick it!


Choosing a phone from Verizon for the June Buyer’s Guide was difficult. All Big Red’s top of the line phones date back from the end of 2011. That’s a stark contrast with the other carriers, who have new flagship phones on the shelf right now. Although the phones from late last year are no slouchers [...]

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Sorry, no free 50GB Dropbox storage for Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T and Verizon

by: Bams SadewoJune 9, 2012

If one of the many reasons you’ve pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T or Verizon was the free 50GB online storage offer from Dropbox, prepare to be disappointed. According to a moderator on Dropbox’ forum, the two carriers have apparently opted out of the 2-year free cloud storage deal that Samsung announced at the phone’s unveiling last month.

There are many possible motives as to why AT&T and Verizon are depriving future owners of Galaxy S3 of their free cloud storage. Perhaps the two are worried about the repercussions of having millions of customers syncing data simultaneously and how it would affect their networks. Perhaps they are planning to [...]

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Droid Bionic 5.9.905 update now available, not Ice Cream Sandwich

by: Chris SmithJune 9, 2012

There’s a new update available for the Motorola Droid Bionic, but, unfortunately for Verizon customers that own the device, it’s not the Ice Cream Sandwich update they’ve been waiting for. Some Droid Bionic users can reportedly download update 5.9.905 right away, and just in case you’re not able to get it, Droid-Life has the zip file for you.

According to the same publication, this week’s 5.9.905 release is just a small soak test, with the full roll-out expected to take place next week at the latest. So why should you hurry to download it? The update is going to offer you a bunch of fixes and improvements – here’s what you’re [...]

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