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President Obama asks FCC to reclassify ISPs under Title II

November 10, 2014
President Obama is making it clear that he supports the reclassification of ISPs under Title II in order to protect network neutrality.
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Unsurprisingly, Verizon will not enter any pricing war per analysts

November 5, 2014
For years now, Verizon has largely stayed out of any meaningful price-battle.
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Verizon continues pushing against Title II classification with accounting argument

November 4, 2014
Verizon penned another blog post claiming that the FCC was trying to "push for heavier regulation of the Internet."
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Verizon and AT&T will allow cross-carrier VoLTE calls

November 4, 2014
AT&T & Verizon have agreed that they will soon offer VoLTE interoperability.
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Wireless companies protest net neutrality rules by… having a car show?

November 1, 2014
AT&T wants customers to contribute towards their data allotment so they can collect as much as $15 per gigabyte overages.
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AT&T offers limited data increase to select plans, Verizon follows suit

October 31, 2014
AT&T first announced plans to raise up its data allotments on select plans earlier today, and it didn't take Verizon long to offer up a similar promotion.
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Moto X (2014) in leather going for $0 on contract, bamboo for $20

October 31, 2014
Amazon and Best Buy have the new Motorola Moto X (2014) on sale right now for as low as $0 with a two-year contract through AT&T or Verizon. $0 leather, $20 bamboo and $1 black resin.
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Motorola Droid Turbo is now available for purchase from Verizon, announced by a death-defying James Franco video

October 30, 2014
James Franco helps announce that the Motorola Droid Turbo is now available for purchase on Verizon!
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Lollipop will try to make it easier to control pre-installed bloatware

October 30, 2014
Bloatware may be easier to control in Android's newest OS, Lollipop.
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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition is now in stock for $700

October 29, 2014
Wait no more for the Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition. It is in stock and ready to ship, but you'll $700 to get your hands on this device.
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