T-Mobile USA Q2 financial report reveals bittersweet results

T-Mobile Carly
by 1 year ago

After several consecutive quarters of significant financial losses, in the last few months T-Mobile seemed to be able to gear away from the road to perdition. The number four carrier in the United States went for a pretty inspired image re-branding, introduced a far more attractive pricing structure for prepaid mobile broadband plans, and even strengthened its high-end phone portfolio with Samsung’s highly successful Galaxy S3. The results? Well, let’s just say they aren’t as bad as others, but they’re clearly bittersweet, at best. According to the latest financial report made public by T-Mo USA earlier today, the carrier’s net income…

Google Nexus 7 – not so awesome across the seas due to lack of digital content?

by 2 years ago

Update- We have just launched the best Android tablets of 2013 series. The Google Nexus 7 is one of the best Android tablets of the year and definitely a tough adversary for this year’s Kindle Fire versions. At the same time, the device is not an iPad-killer, it’s not even intended to be one, and, moreover, it may do a lot more harm within the Android tablet ecosystems, as other OEMs will not be able to replicate Google’s current tablet strategy. The Nexus 7 is an affordable device that packs quite a punch under the hood and is able to…

T-Mobile Galaxy S3 press photo leaked, home button still in the picture

by 2 years ago

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already available in various international markets, US Android fans interested in purchasing the company’s 2012 flagship smartphone will have to wait at least a few more weeks to get it, if recent rumors are correct. The phone is expected to land in U.S. stores on June 20, at which point you’ll be able to get your Galaxy S3 flavor from one of the four major mobile operators – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are already confirmed to carry the Galaxy S3 – or from one of the regional carriers that will surely pick up the…

Galaxy S3 June 20 US release date gaining credibility after Australian announcement

by 2 years ago

Although Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has already hit Europe, large parts of Asia and Australia and has been confirmed as starting shipping on June 20 in Canada, Americans still don’t know when to expect the super-phone. There have been a bunch of speculations saying that the S3 will see the light of the day across the States at the same time as in Canada, and even one rumor that claimed T-Mobile to be the first carrier to offer Samsung’s new flagship on June 20. Sammy is keeping unusually quiet, but one of their partners might have spilled the beans in Australia. As…

Huawei Ascend P1 gets the FCC blessing, to hit the US in June?

by 2 years ago

There was quite a lot of hoopla in the Android world back in January and February, when Huawei unveiled what they called the “world’s most powerful” handheld and the “world’s slimmest” phone. However, the excitement significantly toned down in the months following the announcements, as we heard very little about the Ascend D Quad’s and Ascend P1’s worldwide releases. The P1 did launch in China last month, but Huawei’s officials hesitated to announce any dates for the rest of the world, saying that “other markets will follow soon”. We didn’t even know if the Ascend P1 was ever going to come…

Galaxy S3 gets Bluetooth certified some more, all but confirmed for all major US carriers

by 2 years ago

Less than 24 hours after seeing Verizon’s Galaxy S3, codenamed SCH-I535, getting Bluetooth SIG’s approval, we now have the best of news for fans of the other three major US carriers. The Galaxy S3 has gotten certified in three more versions and will most definitely hit Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile in addition to Big Red. The news is very refreshing – we are now almost sure that the Galaxy S3 will come to all of the major networks in America, at about the same time. That’s a huge step forward for Samsung, who enraged many tech enthusiasts last year, with the…

T-Mobile USA adding 3.5mm jack, faux wood finish to myTouch 3G

by 4 years ago

T-Mobile USA is soon going to roll out a re-styled and slightly upgraded myTouch 3G according to a press release.  The new T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition will sport a wood grain guitar finish and will be equipped with a real 3.5mm headphone jack, something the original myTouch 3G is missing. No word yet on pricing or an availability date, but it should be ready for the holiday shopping season. I’ll post a photo or two when our media relations friends on the west coast wake up and send them to me…

Motorola CLIQ to cost $199 on contract. World blinks in disbelief

by 4 years ago

Well, T-Mobile USA announced today that the Motorola CLIQ would be available for pre-order on October 19th, which we kinda knew, and that it would cost $199.99 on contract, which we simply cannot believe. Motorola NEEDS this phone to be a big success, and letting T-Mobile price it at $199 is not the way to do it when you can get an iPhone 3Gs for the same price and a Palm Pre for half the price.  Moto needed tis to be a huge seller, and this price is not going to help the device, or Motorola, at all.  Of course,…

Motorola CLIQ available for pre-sale on October 19

by 4 years ago

T-Mobile USA has placed a teaser page on its website that shows that the Motorola CLIQ, Moto’s first Android handset, will be up for pre-sale starting on October 19th. I think it’s a bit weak to tease people with a date to when you can almost get a CLIQ instead of actually telling people when it will be available, but I guess we’ll have to take what we can get at this point. Update: I had the date as the 18th before.  Been that kind of week, folks…. [via TmoNews]