US Cellular has taken another device and its name is the Samsung Galaxy Metrix. Whether or not the name strikes your fancy, the pricing surely won’t. In short, if you live in 4G territory, you pay $130, but if you live in only 3G or less land, you pay an extra $50.

Alcatel OT Premiere

US Cellular has unveiled the Alcatel OneTouch Premiere, a 2.8-inch Gingerbread-based phone equipped with a non-slider full QWERTY keyboard. The Premiere is already up for grabs over at USC’s official website, going for $29.99 with a new two-year carrier agreement.


Although the big four carriers in the US have already released their variants of the Samsung Galaxy S3, some folks are still waiting for one of the regional carriers to start offering the super... phone. The first smaller carrier to step up to the plate is U.S. Cellular, which has officially started taking orders of the Galaxy S3 on its website.

You can now buy the 16GB model of the Samsung...


Less than 24 hours after reporting on Virgin Mobile, the first US carrier to sell HTC’s One V, the entry-level ICS-powered smartphone has been officially confirmed as hitting other networks... across the States.

According to an HTC press release issued earlier today, the One V should already be up for sale at US Cellular, but also on twenty-seven regional carriers which are members of...


Now that the US big guys have all announced their plans for the Galaxy S3, you might have already decided what carrier to get the phone from. And although I personally don’t know many people... that prefer US Cellular, the nation’s sixth largest telco, you might want to take note of their offer too.

As on all the other carriers in the United States, the Galaxy S3 will be available fro...


The abundance of Galaxy S3 US pricing and availability news we reported on yesterday was almost overwhelming, but there are still things to be announced. We know that AT&T and Verizon will... start taking pre-orders for the phone on June 6, while Sprint and T-Mobile will be releasing it on June 21.

After all the major carriers revealed their plans for Samsung’s flagship, US Cellu...


The much awaited Galaxy S3 will not disappoint Americans, like it happened last year with the delays that marred the release of the Galaxy S2. According to a Samsung official statement, the... Galaxy S3 will arrive in the US in a few weeks, with details to be revealed in the coming days. As we suspected, the device will launch on five carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Ce...


Although there have been several rumors and bits of information about which US carriers are going to release the Samsung Galaxy S3, there’s still no official announcement issued by any... of these US carriers. So far, we told you that T-Mobile is likely to release the phone on June 20. And now, just to add some more spice to the rumor salad, we learned that regional carrier US Cellular...