Open thread: are you buying a Note 3? Why? Why not?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 aa 9
by 10 months ago

Are you buying a Galaxy Note 3 once it becomes available? If so, what’s the main reason for getting one? Specs? Features? New design? The S Pen? If the Note 3 isn’t for you, what puts you off? Note 3: yea or nay? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments.

Must read Android: top 13 stories this week

SAmsung GAlaxy note 3 sim lock america (1)
by 10 months ago

This week, the Oppo N1 landed (CyanogenMod in tow), the Galaxy S5 rumor mill began to rev up, Samsung confirmed its curved display phone, Amazon kindled a new Fire, Google updated apps across the board, and controversy irrupted around the region locking of the Galaxy Note 3.