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Over the course of the last 6 months, carriers in the US have begun doing unlimited data plans to compete for customers who use a lot of data. Following examples by Sprint and T-Mobile, US Cellular now has their own unlimited 4G LTE plan with an option to add tethering.

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As our data demands grow, the carriers are moving the goalposts once again. The new shared data plans from AT&T and Verizon want to meter your data usage. A lot of people are wondering why there’s no data-only plan available on the market. Well, you can rest assured that it’s coming soon, but will it be affordable? Not if the major carriers have a say.

T-Mobile Unlimited 4G

For many cellphone users, unlimited mobile data plans have gone the way of the dinosaur. Carriers such as Verizon and AT&T have both dropped such offerings. So, where do you go if you truly want all-you-can-eat data? It seems that T-Mobile may be the savior for those that use massive amounts of bandwidth each month. T-Mobile recently announced it would start offering a truly unlimited nationwide 4G data plan, which officially starts today. The best part is there are no data caps, no speed limits and no extra fees thrown for consuming large portions of data.


The data-only future has been predicted for many years, with the rise of Skype and other similar VOIP applications. But in most cases, carriers tried to hold these apps from gaining popularity,... because they were still making a lot of money from Voice and SMS, services that are priced at something like 1000x the cost of sending data through the network. Carriers can maintain such prices because...

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Yesterday, we reported that the nation’s largest carrier has decided to “discontinue” its grandfathered unlimited data plans and ask customers to move to tiered data plans. The move, which... would align Verizon with its largest competitor, AT&T, is supposed to happen this summer. At least that’s what much of the blogosphere made out of the statements that Verizon’s Fran Shammo made du...

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In a recent earnings call, Verizon has announced that subscribers who have grandfathered into a $30 unlimited 3G data plan will be forced to move to the new Verizon data-share plan expected... to arrive in mid-summer. This happens as an increasing number  of Verizon subscribers migrate to 4G LTE devices.

The announcement was made by Verizon Communcations CFO Fran Shammo, who state...