The Apple vs Samsung conflict continues today with an episode from Europe, the UK to be more precise. Some of you may recall that Samsung obtain a rather awkward win in a patent case in the country, as judge said the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was not as “cool” as the iPad, and therefore it did not infringe Apple’s design.


UK’s first 4G LTE network is ready to roll, but before anything, EE has to build a strong line-up of high-end phones to go with the new speeds. That doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore for the T-Mobile/Orange joint venture, which has officially announced the release of the Galaxy Note 2 on October 15.


Samsung certainly took its sweet time with the Galaxy Note 2 release, but once the ball started rolling it was obvious there was no stopping for the second-gen phablet in its road to world domination. The Galaxy Note 2 still has some time to go until it’ll take over the States, but Europe and Asia are already under siege.