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Chameleon Launcher price cut to $3.99

by: Brendan LynchNovember 16, 2012
Chameleon Launcher has come a long way since it first started its Kickstarter campaign. Once it broke out of it’s successful introduction, it underwent a lengthy beta phase that caused all sorts of hype and produced all sorts of excitement. The one thing that held it back was that it was a little too pricey right out of the gate. Priced at $10, most people wouldn’t pay that much just to try out a launcher that they might not even like.
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Chameleon 1.1: more widgets, better widgets, and stock widgets

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 6, 2012
When Chameleon version 1 hit Google Play a couple of weeks ago, some users complained about the limited selection of widgets. That is set to change though. Teknision, the developer of the project, has been working hard to create more widgets, but also to make available widgets created by the community and even stock Android widgets.
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Exclusive interview: Gabor Vida from Teknision talks about Chameleon, developing for Android, and user experience

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 3, 2012

Chameleon, the innovative Android launcher developed by Teknision (creators of the Blackberry PlayBook UI), made quite a stir in the Android community. The intelligent overlay promises to change the way we use our devices, by offering “a better home screen for your Android tablet, designed to fit your lifestyle”. The project got successfully funded on Kickstarter (after some misadventures) and is currently in beta stage. In fact, if you backed Chameleon on Kickstarter, you should soon receive your invitation for the beta test.

We sat down with Gabor Vida, President of Teknision, to discuss about Chameleon, Kickstarter, and user interfaces. Check out the [...]

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Chameleon now supports 7-inch tablets and phones, adds more features

by: Bams SadewoJune 27, 2012

It sure has been a roller coaster ride for the folks at Chameleon. After receiving more than the required pledges for their Kickstarter project, the whole campaign had to be restarted due to an error. But things are certainly looking up, as they have successfully garnered enough pledges on day one of the re-listing.

The developers haven’t been resting on their laurels, as work on the app is still ongoing and the Chameleon Home Screen Systems now includes support for 7-inch tablets and even phones! Good to know that the Chameleon team is listening to what the public has been requesting. While details of how the Chameleon system would work on Android phones haven’t been [...]

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Chameleon’s Kickstarter hits a snag, campaign to be restarted this week

by: Mike AndriciJune 11, 2012

When Bogdan first introduced the revolutionary Chameleon launcher back in March, the developers (Teknision) were undergoing negotiations with several Android manufacturers for integrating their unique homescreen in future Android tablets.

Fast forward a couple of months, and Adrian reported that these negations have failed and that Teknision decided to turn Chameleon into a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise $50k in pledges before June 15, so that the app can make its way into Google Play at some point during September.

Unfortunately, I’m now here to report that, although Teknision did manage to raise the $50k they were hoping for, the entire campaign will need to [...]

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Chameleon Kickstarter project about to meet its funding goal, two weeks ahead of deadline

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 2, 2012

We’ve reported about the Chameleon project a couple of times before at Android Authority. Developed by Teknision, a Canadian user experience design house in Ottawa, Chameleon is an Android tablet user interface with a twist. Just like its color-changing namesake, Teknision’s UI changes its appearance to adapt to the user that happens to be using the tablet at the moment.

The first time we wrote about Chameleon, Teknision’s chief head Gabor Vida said that the company is in talks with a manufacturer to bring the UI to Android devices. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the talks didn’t pan out, and Teknision decided to take the matter into its own hands and risk it all on [...]

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Chameleon is now a Kickstarter project. Help make it reality with as little as $1!

by: AdrianMay 17, 2012

Those of you who’ve been watching our website for more than a little while might remember an article from a couple of months back talking about Chameleon. More than just an UX overlay, Teknision’s project looked like something that could really revolutionize the way we interact with our Android-based tablets, making Google’s OS a more personal and “alive” experience.

Back then, Chameleon’s developers said that they were in talks with several Android manufactures interested in integrating the UI into their products, which made us optimistic about the project’s future. However, it seems that the negotiations haven’t come to a happy ending, and the guys at Teknision [...]

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Chameleon Wants to Redefine the Home Screen. Samsung and HTC, Look and Learn

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 10, 2012

For most manufacturers, the home screen is the most important part of the Android interface. Why? Because, on the home screen, they can easily apply their own branding and style, and, in theory, differentiate their devices from the sea of competing Android products. The need for differentiation is understandable, but unfortunately, for end users, overlays like TouchWiz, Sense, or Motoblur are just sources of slow updates, bloatware, and poor performance.

However, it’s not like the home screen of vanilla Android is a major step forward when compared to the manufacturers’ overlays. All you get in the stock version are apps and notifications, plus the clock widget. For [...]

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