Can Dual-core Android Phones Like the LG G2x Replace Your Gaming Console?

by 2 years ago

Today’s smartphones are loaded with some seriously premium technology, the likes of which the world has never seen. It’s hard to imagine, but the dual-core phones on the market currently are about 400% more powerful than phones from two years ago. For all you original Motorola DROID owners out there, check out the benchmark disparity below. Before the touch screen, before 4G, before dual-core processors–video streaming technology was already available, but not widely used or adopted. For those who wanted gaming on the go, the best option for playing handheld video games was to purchase a gaming device from Sony…

NVIDIA Cuts Ribbon for Web-based Tegra Zone

by 2 years ago

NVIDIA’s new site for Tegra-2-optimized games is now online at TegraZone.Com.  The new site, just as the Tegra Zone app that NVIDIA launched last March, allows users to browse Tegra-optimized games for Tegra-powered devices. TegraZone’s appearance resembles the Tegra Zone app for Android found in Tegra 2 devices, with additional functionality for gamers to interact with each other. According to NVIDIA’s official announcement, the TegraZone site includes community forums where users can interact and discuss their favorite Tegra-optimized games. To celebrate the launch of the new site and also to generate more buzz, NVIDIA is giving away five Acer Iconia…

6 Apps To Install On Your Honeycomb Tablet

by 3 years ago

Honeycomb tablets continue to be a hot item in everyone’s to-buy lists. The best way to take advantage of the better tech is to install apps optimized for Android 3.0 and above. We’ve covered a bunch of these apps before but we feel that the growing ecosystem of Honeycomb apps needs a second look. Here are a few more apps you can install into your device to realize its full potential. 1. Google Earth (free) Wow your friends (and yourself) with the updated Google Earth app, made especially for Honeycomb. What’s new you ask? Well there’s the 3D view where you can…