HTC Butterfly

At long last, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for HTC, one that emanates from the 5-inch display of the HTC Droid DNA, also known as the HTC Butterfly. Here’s the latest update on the flagship smartphone’s availability.


We may not be getting an HTC One S with a plus sign anytime soon, but a special white edition of the phone with 64GB onboard storage has recently been hinted to come. If you’ve been dreaming about the all-white HTC One S ever since, you’ll be happy to hear that the phone is now available for purchase… in Taiwan.


Tencent is a company you probably haven’t heard of, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Over 700 million people use their instant messaging client QQ. According to DigiTimes, last week the company launched a service called “WeChat” in Taiwan. What exactly is WeChat? It’s another OTT (over the top) messaging platform, similar to how WhatsApp and Viber work.


Things are about to change for those of you who live in Taiwan and crave for a Nexus 7 slate, although the rest of Asia might again be left out of the mix. All three major Taiwanese wireless carriers, as well as a bunch of electronics retail stores, have started taking pre-orders for the 7-incher and will ship the tab in a matter of weeks.


Every now and then phone makers release a market-specific device that won’t see the light of day elsewhere – like the HTC J, a model that the Taiwanese only introduced for the Japanese smartphone market. It has been four months since the HTC J made its debut, and it looks like HTC has had a change of heart about the phone’s availability.


The Galaxy S3, Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, has been made official for almost two weeks now, but pricing and availability details were scarce until a couple of days back. Fortunately, all major UK carriers have announced the S3’s pricing, so now it’s time to talk about the handheld’s release in Taiwan. According to official Samsung claims, the S3 will start selling in Taiwan on June 1, which is 1-2 days later than the phone’s official release in Europe. As far as pricing is concerned, Taiwanese technology enthusiasts will be quite spoiled by Samsung, as they will be able to get the Galaxy…


If you’re looking forward to CES 2012, you should not miss COMPUTEX TAIPEI too! It will be happening on the second day of the much anticipated consumer electronics event of the year. This year, you can witness as TAITRA joins Taiwan ICT giants including GIGABYTE, Acer, and ASUS in presenting ‘Taiwan ICT International Press Conference & New Product Launch.’ The event will act as a media brief as well as trade on their new marketing strategies, branding concepts and latest products they will be introducing this year. Apart from the press conference, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)…

Taiwanese computer manufacturer, Asustek,  has unveiled plans to build an Android-powered educational robot called the EeeBot. The goal of the government-sponsored project is to promote the Android OS by building a low-cost robot that will interact with children. Asustek will build the hardware and the software for the robot and will subsidize a portion of the cost to keep it affordable for families. Revenue to offset the subsidy will be generated through the sale of content and services for the robot. Asustek expects to have a prototype ready for trial in two years and predicts that these child-friendly (and green?)…

According to Digitimes, Taiwanese network hardware manufacturer Netronix is partnering with Texas Instruments to move their line of e-book readers to an Android-based OS in 2010. Company chairman Arthur Lu said that Netronix will adopt the Android platform in order to increase the interoperability of their e-books with other Android devices. Presumably, owners of a Netronix e-book reader will be able to sync and share digital content between their Android reader and their Android handset, in a manner similar to the syncing that currently exists between the Kindle and the iPhone. The Android-based Netronix e-book readers are expected to ship…