A hands on demo of the Archos GamePad [video]

archos gamepad
by 1 year ago

With gaming being one of the main uses of tablets for many users, it’s no surprise that a number of tablets like the Archos GamePad are hitting the market. We’ve heard about it, and now it’s time to see it in action.

Archos unveils 7-inch GamePad gaming tablet, to go on sale in October in Europe

archos gamepad
by 1 year ago

Although it’s already the third gaming console/Android tablet to be unveiled these past months, the GamePad might actually be fortunate enough to undercut its other two competitors and get out the first. The 7-incher might still get more attention than the Ouya and WikiPad, due to a very attractive design and what looks like a more than fair quality-price ratio.

Love gaming on your Android tablet? $20,000 could be yours!

snapdragon gaming challenge
by 2 years ago

The massive advances in processor, graphics, and display technologies has made gaming on a handheld device a favorite past-time for many. Not only are there hugely popular made-for-mobile games such as Angry Birds, Draw Something, and Cut the Rope, but we’re now witnessing an increase in classic PC games and far more graphic-intensive games making their way onto our smartphones and tablets, as well. Procrastination, you are our friend. If you are one of those users who is addicted to gaming on your tablet and can go on for hours and hours — 26 hours nonstop to be specific —…