When are carriers going to offer a data only plan?

Cell Tower
by 1 year ago

As our data demands grow, the carriers are moving the goalposts once again. The new shared data plans from AT&T and Verizon want to meter your data usage. A lot of people are wondering why there’s no data-only plan available on the market. Well, you can rest assured that it’s coming soon, but will it be affordable? Not if the major carriers have a say.

T-Mobile holds its Magenta Deal Days promotion – all 4G phones for $0

by 1 year ago

Most U.S. carriers are busy prepping the release of what’s set to become one of the country’s hottest smartphones this year, the iPhone 5. T-Mobile, however, is left without an Apple phone to sell, which brings us to its “Magenta Deal Days” Zero Down promotion – where you can select any 4G phone lineup for free, Samsung Galaxy S3 included.