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Ditch your BlackBerry, T-Mobile and Samsung will give you $200

by: Jonathan FeistApril 13, 2014
As it turns out, the story of the fallout between BlackBerry and T-Mobile will have at least one more chapter. T-Mobile and Samsung have teamed up to offer current T-Mobile BlackBerry users up to $200 to swap to a Samsung handset.
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Analyst says Sprint and T-Mobile have to merge for both to live

by: Shawn IngramApril 11, 2014
A new report from analyst firm New Street Research says that T-Mobile and Sprint will have to merge lest one of them is forced to fold. Read on for more!
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Carriers block Samsung Galaxy S5 Download Booster feature

by: Shawn IngramApril 11, 2014
When Samsung first announced the Galaxy S5 one of the big software features it touted was Download Booster, a feature that uses both Wi-Fi and LTE to make downloading files faster, but as with so many things, most U.S. carriers block the feature on their versions of the phone. Read on for more!
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T-Mobile announces Tablet Freedom: 1GB extra data and 4G LTE tablets for Wi-Fi prices

by: Andrew GrushApril 10, 2014
Today T-Mobile announced its new Tablet Freedom program, which offers 4G LTE tablets for the same price as their Wi-Fi equivalents.
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T-Mobile introducing Simple Starter plan for $40 a month: unlimited talk, text and 500MB data

by: Andrew GrushApril 9, 2014
Today T-Mobile formally introduced a new entry-level option for its customers, dubbed Simple Starter plan for $40 a month. The plan includes unlimited talk, text and 500MB data.
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T-Mobile and AT&T fight over upcoming spectrum auction rules

by: William Neilson JrApril 8, 2014
After pulling off nearly forty spectrum deals in the previous 12 months, AT&T's CFO John Stephens told investors that AT&T had enough spectrum to last the next five years.
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Sprint’s roaming alliance is another push to merge with T-Mobile

by: William Neilson JrApril 3, 2014
Sprint continues it’s public assault against AT&T and Verizon by now telling rural wireless companies to “fight back” against a “duopoly [that] is taking over our country, America.”
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Another nail in the coffin: T-Mobile will no longer offer BlackBerry devices

by: Andrew GrushApril 2, 2014
Due to a disagreement between the two companies, Blackberry has chosen to end its partnership with one of the four biggest U.S. carriers. Another nail in the coffin?
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T-Mobile ending corporate discounts plans for new customers, effective immediately

by: Andrew GrushApril 2, 2014
Today T-Mobile revealed that it is ending corporate discounts for new customers, but will continue to offer the program to existing T-mobile subscribers.
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T-Mobile posts a little Galaxy S5 unboxing video, pre-order page now live (updated)

by: Jonathan FeistMarch 24, 2014
Starting today, T-Mobile will be taking your pre-orders for the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Those that pre-order are expected to receive the actual phone in hand on April 11th. Ahead of this, a lucky T-Mobile employee has gone ahead and recorded a little Galaxy S5 unboxing video for all of us to enjoy now.
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