SwiftKey Flow has been announced, may give Swype some real competition (with video)

swiftkey flow
by 1 year ago

For awhile now, Swype has been the reigning champ when it comes to swipe gestures on keyboards. Their time of being alone at the top of the totem poll may be over, though, as SwiftKey has announced a new project called SwiftKey Flow. It takes all the awesomeness of SwiftKey and adds swipe typing. But is it better than the tried and true methods of Swype?

Google Play holds summer-end sale, 15 top titles for roughly $1 each

by 1 year ago

To celebrate the end of summer, several best-seller apps are now being heavily discounted on Google Play. The list comprises of games that deserve to be on everyone’s Android device, if they like to gloat about graphics and the likes, as well as some productivity apps. Check them all out inside.

SwiftKey 3 update includes new themes, languages and more

by 1 year ago

When it comes to keyboard add-ons, there are many choices out there. While the most popular keyboard in use is probably Swype, many users also swear by SwiftKey 3. What makes SwiftKey 3 so special? It’s able to guess what you are going to type before you type it, and it learns the words and phrases you use regularly, so its predictions become better with time. According to SwiftKey’s site, they have saved its users over 65 billion keystrokes. The keyboard will even automatically correct your messages if you write quickly and sloppy, making spelling fixes and more.

SwiftKey 3 update comes with Jelly Bean support and several bug fixes

by 2 years ago

I think we all agree that what makes a productivity app great, especially one that is not available for free, is the continuous support from developers and frequent updates. With that in mind, it’s pretty difficult to not regard SwiftKey 3 as today’s best third party virtual keyboard for Android, as the app has just received a fresh new update. Just weeks after getting out of beta and being officially made available in Google Play, SwiftKey has gotten a bump to version, coming with a short, but eye-catching changelog. The most important new feature of the SwiftKey 3 Android…

Best Android tablet keyboards compared: Adaptxt vs FloatNSplit vs Swiftkey 3 vs Thumb keyboard [video]

tablet keyboard
by 2 years ago

There are a lot of great advantages about using a smartphone and tablet for all your daily needs. Unfortunately, writing/typing isn’t one of them. Yes, a quick SMS, a reminder note, even a reply to an urgent email are easy enough and convenient, especially when you’re on the move. But, would I be writing an article like this on my tablet? Probably not. That being said, the tablet is slowly becoming the medium that many consumers use to create notes, presentations, and articles. There’s a long way to go before this becomes the norm, but it’s definitely a growing trend….

Swiftkey 3 now available on Google Play Store, 50% off for one week only

swiftkey 3 header
by 2 years ago

There is no shortage of custom keyboards available on the Google Play Store. Just take a look at our video comparison of the some the best here. Each one has its own advantages over the others, and there is an option available to meet every individual’s requirements. Out of the numerous options, Swiftkey X, developed by TouchType Ltd., has slowly become one of the most popular custom keyboards available in the Android ecosystem. The company has now released the next iteration of the keyboard, Swiftkey 3, which introduces new features, including: An improvement to the autocorrect function. Now the keyboard gives…

Swiftkey 3 to come with autocorrect function, no release date yet

by 2 years ago

Swiftkey X, which replaces your device’s default touchscreen keyboard with a smarter, more functional one, is currently one of the most popular Android “productivity” apps. Already running on millions of Android devices, the app has been praised by users and expects alike, receiving the prize for the most innovative app at the “Global Mobile Awards 2012”. However, TouchType Ltd, the developers behind Swiftkey X’s success, have not rested on their laurels, as they’ve been working for a while to push out a major update to the smart typing tool. According to the latest news, Swiftkey 3 is in the final testing…