Android is now hotter than iOS, especially among younger generations

by 1 year ago

In the heat of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, a judge in one of the international court cases ruled that Samsung’s Android products were not as cool as the Apple iPad, and hence the Korean company could not have succeeded in copying the iPad’s iconic design. Well, we now have data from consumer research, and it seems that Android, as a platform, is now considered the new cool kid on the block.

Nielsen: US smartphone owners now a majority, Android leads comfortably

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by 2 years ago

Yes, boys and girls, it has finally happened! For the first time in history, most U.S. mobile subscribers now own a smartphone. At least that’s what we can make of Nielsen’s latest report, which says that, in March 2012, 50.4% of all American mobile users had a smartphone in their possession. That leaves a 49.6% share for basic phones (or dumbphones, as we sometimes call them), which is not half bad, if you think about how wildly popular Android and iOS devices are. Android is still the dominating force in the United States, with a total of 48.5% of all…

comScore: Android dominates with 51% US market share, Samsung still top OEM

by 2 years ago

Do you happen to have 30,000 friends on Facebook and wonder about which smartphone they use and what they use it for? comScore is here to answer those questions and more. The research firm has released the result of its latest study on key trends in US mobile phone industry, which surveyed more than 30,000 smartphone owners in the country on what handset they use, their platform of choice, and what their mobile habits are. There’s no change at the top in the OEM market share, with Samsung standing firm as the top phone brand among US mobile subscribers. In…