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Intel buys ST-Ericsson’s GPS chip division, first acquisition under Intel’s new CEO

by: Andrew GrushMay 29, 2013
Intel has officially announced it has bought the satellite navigation chip business unit of ST-Ericsson. This marks the first acquisition since Intel's new CEO took the reigns.
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Mobile chip company ST-Ericsson shutting down, Ericsson to keep 4G chips

by: Gary SimsMarch 18, 2013
The mobile chip company ST-Ericsson, which was a joint venture between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson, is to close with some 1,600 employees losing their jobs.
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ST-Ericsson CEO steps down

by: Nate SwannerMarch 11, 2013
Didier Lamouche, CEO of ST-Ericsson, has announced he will be stepping down. Lamouche, having been on the job since late 2011, is reportedly leaving to pursue other prospects. There is no named successor at this time.
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ST-Ericsson to demo a 3 GHz smartphone that supports 17 bands at MWC next week

by: ŠtefanFebruary 20, 2013
ST-Ericsson has just announced that they're going to show off a 3 GHz quad core chip at MWC next week, because why not? Sounds cool, right? Not really, because we don't have a ship date.
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Samsung to rely on third-party chipsets to bolster entry-level market

by: David GonzalesJanuary 31, 2013
Samsung's plan for taking over the entry-level segment involves working with third-party chipset vendors like Qualcomm, Broadcom, and ST-Ericsson in order to produce models with the highest price-to-performance ratios ever.
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STMicroelectronics to leave the ST-Ericsson joint venture next year

by: ŠtefanDecember 10, 2012
ST-Ericsson, who you might have heard of thanks to the NovaThor platform in several of Sony's midrange smartphones, was founded in February 2009 as a join venture between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson. According to Bloomberg, STMicroelectronics wants out. The plan is to sell their half of the company by the third quarter of next year.
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Ericsson is ‘looking at all possible solutions’ regarding ST-Ericsson

by: ŠtefanOctober 9, 2012
Ericsson, the largest infrastructure vendor in the world, owns a chunk of a company you might have heard of called "ST-Ericsson". The ST stands for STMicroelectronics. The two companies formed formed a 50/50 joint venture in February 2009 with the goal of taking on Qualcomm. Apparently they're failing to achieve their targets, so much so that Reuters is reporting that Ericsson is "looking at all possible solutions" regarding the future of the joint venture.
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Texas Instruments to put less focus on making chips for smartphones and tablets

by: ŠtefanSeptember 26, 2012
Texas Instruments, one of the larger system on chip vendors, has just said that they're going to "shift" their focus away from the wireless market. In case you don't know who TI is, they make chips under the OMAP brand. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus for instance, that uses an OMAP chip, as do Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablets. So why did the company come to this decision? Greg Delagi, Senior Vice President for Embedded Processing at TI said: "We believe that opportunity is less attractive as we go forward."
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Android devices multi-core processor use flawed for now, says Intel

by: Chris SmithJune 11, 2012

While Intel is a respected desktop and laptop chipmaker, the company is yet to make a name for itself in the mobile business. But Intel is definitely interested in convincing smartphones and tablet makers with its recent announcement that the Medfield Atom processor is a good choice for upcoming mobile devices. What better way to do it than to criticize what the competition has to offer?

The Inquirer details certain comments made by Mike Bell, Intel’s General Manager of the Mobile and Communication Group, regarding the efficiency of multiple-core processors found inside current Android devices. According to Bell, these Android devices are [...]

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HTC to develop its own processor for entry-level smartphones with ST-Ericsson

by: AdrianApril 24, 2012

HTC had a bad 2011, and a worse early 2012. To turn the ship around, HTC has embarked in overhauling its business, its products, and its image, and so far the results seem pretty encouraging. After announcing they will concentrate on “hero” devices starting this year, it seems that the Taiwanese will change its strategy on another front as well.

In the processor department, after partnering for years with Qualcomm, HTC may start taking chip manufacturing in its own hands. According to a recent China Times report, HTC is very close to entering a strategic partnership with struggling chip specialist ST-Ericsson for co-developing chips, which might start powering HTC [...]

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