Sony-xperia Nexus-back

A couple of pictures emerged on Picasa that supposedly show a Sony-made Nexus device. Titled Sony Nexus X, the images show a phone that shares a lot of the design elements of the Xperia T and other recent devices launched by the Japanese giant, but in one of the pictures, you can see that the phone sports Google’s logo.


With the Xperia T (also known as the Bond Phone) stealing all the spotlight, most of you may have forgotten about another Sony high-end device scheduled to be released this year. The Xperia V is definitely not what you would call a run-of-the-mill phone, being an ever so slightly downsized version of the T.


What could Odin, a Norse mythology major god and the ruler of Asgard, have to do with Sony, the Japan-based multinational conglomerate known to us Android geeks for the Xperia line of smartphones? That’s the million dollar question we’re all asking ourselves after hearing that Sony’s 2013 flagship phone could be codenamed “Odin”.


James Bond is an incredibly promiscuous man. In each one of the Bond flicks he sleeps with at least one new woman, and his brand loyalty is highly questionable. Sometimes he uses a Sony phone, sometimes he uses a Nokia, sometimes he drives an Aston Martin, other times he’s driving a BMW. In “Skyfall”, our favorite man of mystery sports a Sony Xperia T.

Sony Xperia Tablet S

Sony has recently announced its latest Android tablet, the Xperia Tablet S, which soon started selling in several markets. However, the Japanese company was forced to temporarily halt sales, “after discovering gaps between the screen and the case that make some of the machines susceptible to water damage,” as Reuters report.