Excited to get your hands on the rumored Sony Xperia tablet? The Tegra 3-based 9.4-inch HD tablet certainly looks appealing, but many times accessories are just important to a tablet’s success as the initial hardware itself. While the Sony Xperia tablet isn’t yet confirmed officially, that hasn’t stopped a slew of leaked photos of accessories from surfacing. It seems that Sony is taking some inspiration from the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet with its own keyboard case design. In addition, pictures of a media docking station with a remote and stand also seem to have leaked.

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The Sony Xperia series is the antithesis to Ericsson it seems. The company has done quite well since its release on the market. We recently reported about a possible Xperia Tablet passing through FCC hands, and then news of a possible Sony product launch in September.


Determined to come out of the slump that has plagued them for the better part of the year, Sony has an epiphany and it involves flashes of images of a mob of Android enthusiasts shouting, demanding for a more affordable Xperia phones from the Japanese.

Sony Xperia J

The Sony Xperia J (formerly known as the ST26i), has now been thoroughly previewed by Russian website Aside from some precious info about the phone’s look, feel and screen, this preview also brings to the spotlight a few decent pics of the Xperia J.


Think you have a great camera in your smartphone already? You have nothing on the new camera lens being developed by Sony. The new line of next-gen Exmor RS lenses have stacked CMOS image sensors and pack quite a punch. There are three different units in the new line, two of which have 8MP sensors, and the third carries an impressive 13MP.


To follow up on our report on Sony’s new mobile gaming service, the Sony Playstation Mobile, we now have details of the titles that gamers can expect to spend countless... hours on when the service gets its reboot this fall.

The games that have been confirmed to arrive on Playstation Mobile are Tractor Trails, Twist Pilot, Tipper, Aqua Kitty, Beat Slider, Passing Time an...