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Let’s add one more company in the long list of those who are trying to make ‘bendable display’ more than just a buzz word. Japanese giant Sony recently showcased its very... own flexible OLED panel at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2012 in Boston – the place to see and be seen for companies in the display industry.

The 9.9-inch flexible OLED pa...


You’ve seen official pictures of the Sony Xperia Neo L before. Though it isn’t scheduled to be out until Q3 2012, which puts its release date merely weeks away, the phone has landed... into the hands of Taiwanese online retailer ePrice. Here are some beauty shots of the Sony Xperia Neo L in the wild.

The Xperia Neo L maintains some design characteristics of its predecessor, the...

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No matter if you’re a fan of the Galaxy S3 or not, you can’t say that Samsung hasn’t done the absolute best job in marketing and advertising the new flagship phone. We’ve been on our... toes waiting for the S3 for several months, and a big part of its popularity is due to this great hype building around it.

Samsung’s example hasn’t exactly been followed by HTC or LG, who...


If we didn’t convince you to snag the Sony SmartWatch the first time we reported about it, maybe this time you might consider finally scoring one for yourself... or your loved one.

But where to get it from? Of course, from your ever dependable Verizon Wireless online store, which is now selling for $149.97.

So, are you ready to part ways with that...


While Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG are all upsetting their users with delays and lack of communication on the ICS updates, Sony is probably doing the absolute best job in bringing the latest... and greatest Android version to its entire line-up of mobile devices.

The latest Sony smartphone to get Android 4.0 is a quirky 3-incher with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that can’t even be called...


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Following the Xperia S and Xperia U, the Xperia P is the last on Sony’s NXT line of smartphones to be released into the market. Being last on the roster does have its advantage,... though. Aside from the phone’s aluminum unibody, which separates the Xperia P from its two siblings, the phone is also getting a specific multimedia dock that doubles as a charging station.



Sony has recently released a firmware update to its SmartWatch, which was expected to correct certain issues with the device including the device’s inability of... showing the time in standby mode, but it looks like the update brought other unexpected problems.

The Verge notes that after installing update 1.2.33, several SmartWatch owners complained right...



Android gamers yearning for a Sony gaming handset weren’t exactly pleased when all they got was the Xperia Play. The Play wasn’t a completely bad phone-portable console hybrid at... all, but the specs just weren’t as good as expected. While Sony quickly tried to sweep the Xperia Play under the rug after the dismal response from the gaming masses, the Japanese didn’t giv...


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You’re probably already familiar with Sony’s upcoming budget Xperia phone, which is known so far by its model number and codename as the Sony ST21i Tapioca. After it made an appearance... on the website of one Indonesian telecommunication regulator, we can finally put a (retail) name to the handset. Prepare to get acquainted with the Sony Xperia Tipo.

Along with the Xperia Tipo, the webs...


Who wears wristwatches anymore these days? After all, we have our phones to tell the time.

People who share this sentiment may want to reconsider, now that some hipper and positively... geekier smart watches have come bursting into the time-telling scene. Two of the most popular offerings were released by Sony, with its SmartWatch, and Motorola’s, with the MOTOACTV. Incidentally...