Xperia TX SL

Both the Xperia TX and SL are up for grabs on Sony’s Chinese official online store, and they are both kind of pricey. The TX, also known in the past as the LT29i or the “Hayabusa”, is very similar to the “T” flagship unveiled in Berlin and expected to come to the US soon via AT&T.


Sony has been less than reliable when it comes to offering timely Android updates for its Android-based devices, but this could all change in the future, as it looks... like Google is ready to offer Nexus-like AOSP support to at least one Sony device.

The Sony Xperia S is the lucky fellow that will receive Nexus-like treatment and we’re certainly intrigued by t...


The Sony Xperia S seems to have aged well, and Sony intends to keep the model going for a while longer, with the recent announcement of the Dark Silver color option. Unfortunately, Sony has yet to let us know the actual date it plans to launch the new color option, but instead tells everyone to “keep their eyes peeled.”

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The Xperia NXT series was first announced during the Mobile World Congress, back in February. The three devices in the series, the Xperia S, P, and U are not Sony’s standard bearers (that... spot is reserved to the LTE-enabled Xperia Ion), but they do deliver nevertheless decent specs and a classy appearance.

Our biggest gripe with the three devices is on the software side. The Xp...


The Android smartphone environment in the U.S. has been dominated by companies such as Samsung, HTC, and Motorola, with manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE, LG, and... Sony attempting to make in-roads into an already saturated market. These companies have planned for this entry with some truly amazing devices, but unfortunately Sony has fallen somewhat short in this...


Folks in Australia aren’t celebrating their official national day until January 26, but owners of Sony Xperia S in the country will certainly have something to be merry and gleeful about.... According to Sony Mobile Australia, the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for Xperia S is being rolled out starting today.

As reported by AusDroid, here’s what the company wrote on their Facebook pa...

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As Sony’s latest flagship model, the specs of the Xperia S haven’t exactly sent the competition scrambling. It’s a solid phone, make no mistake, but Sony’s decision to use a Snapdragon... S3 processor and the snubbing of Android 4.0 ICS didn’t really sit well with critics and customers alike. Now, reports are coming in that there’s a true successor to the Sony Xperia S, and the new d...

Sony Xperia S Android 4.0

Just as it promised a month back, Sony has started to roll out an official Android 4.0 ICS update for its high-end Xperia S smartphone. The upgrade should have already hit your Xperia S OTA... (over-the-air), but, depending on your phone’s model and carrier, you might have to wait an additional few days until getting the much-awaited tasty scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Android...