Google looking to improve privacy, wants to hire experts

Online privacy at its best
by 1 year ago

Privacy is a big deal, especially concerning social networks and other online services. Recall how Facebook is often under fire because of iffy privacy policies. Google is also an especially favorite target by privacy groups because of how search and mobile technology has been so pervasive in our lives. The company is looking to hire software engineers who are able to find and fix privacy loopholes and risks within their online services and platforms.

Facebook Android app updated, but not good enough

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by 1 year ago

Facebook has updated its Android app with event creation and support for photos and emoji in messages. But the incremental update is nothing compared to the latest iOS release, which brings in drastic improvements, leaving Android users short-changed. Sources say that even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is disappointed with how the development of the Android app is going.

Slices for Twitter: Easily organizing tweets into slices

by 1 year ago

Smartphone users are always on the lookout for a new app for their social networking needs. It is exciting to find a great app that could meet one’s expectations in integrating Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking accounts. There are a lot of social apps that promise to do just that, but not all of them are effective. The process of finding an app you want is not that hard. You can find these apps through your friends’ recommendations, Google Play Store features, searching with keywords, or even from Android Authority’s app reviews. You’ll get a lot of search results,…

Current Caller ID app shows social profile, stats of caller, even before you answer

Current Caller ID screenshots
by 1 year ago

Mobile devices have made communication ubiquitous and persistent. With our mobile devices essentially tethered to our analog lives, we text, call, chat and email almost everywhere. Case in point: have you ever answered a call while in the shower? Perhaps if you’re anticipating an important call or message, you won’t find this so strange. But it’s this very attitude that can sometimes cause trouble. What if you’re calling your boss at an inopportune moment? Or perhaps you’re sending a message to someone in a different time zone, and she can’t answer because it’s 3 AM. A simple Android app can…

Flipboard to get Google+ integration

by 2 years ago

Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of Product Management for Google+ made an exciting announcement today at the LeWeb conference in London. He announced that Android newcomer, Flipboard,  is slated to join the ranks of Buddy Media, Hootsuite, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, Involver, and Virtue as a Google+ trusted partner. If you aren’t aware, Flipboard is a top, unique news reader application previously exclusive to iOS. Flipboard creates beautifully designed, personalized magazines for all your news fed content. Flipboard comes with support for many popular news websites from around the web. On top of that, you can integrate existing services you use…