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AireTalk: Free voice and video calls, SMS, and file sharing

by: Dan EvansSeptember 28, 2012

Keeping in touch with friends through your mobile phone is great, but it’s also rather costly. Even if you’re on a postpaid plan, constantly communicating with someone can lead to a painful bill at the end of the month.

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Thanks to smartphones, however, we can opt to use services such as Skype to call the ones that matter to us via the Internet. We can even go on Video Call if we really want to see our friend’s face. Skype, however, is rather limited in the ways we can communicate with our friends. PingShow has developed an app that goes beyond what Skype offers you.

AireTalk may be packed with the same [...]

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TabletSMS: Text messaging on your tablet via your Android phone

by: Dan EvansSeptember 19, 2012

When you hear the name ClockworkMod, you instantly associate it with the custom recovery that almost all Android phones are using. Though ClockworkMod Recovery is certainly very handy, that isn’t the only thing Koushik Dutta, also known as ClockworkMod, has contributed to the Android community. ROM Manager, Bionic Recovery Bootstrap, ClockworkMod Tether (no root), and DeskSMS are just some of the apps he’s offering on the Google Play Store.

Some of you may already be familiar with his other apps, but DeskSMS, in particular, is an app worth noting because it allows users to send texts from their device’s phone number via Google Talk, Gmail, or their [...]

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mysms – Text anywhere: Cross-platform SMS messaging service

by: Paul NuñalAugust 23, 2012

Apple’s iMessage is arguably one of the best messaging applications for iOS devices. Introduced in October of last year, iMessage has been the prime choice of many users. It’s known for being able to send and receive messages faster in a secure environment compared to other platforms. The iMessenger is so reliable that it has been chosen by many users for its simplicity and service.

The iMessenger is certainly a great application if you own a Mac, iPhone, iPod, or iPad, but what good is a service if it remains an Apple exclusive? For Android users out there, there’s an application that provides similar functions as iMessenger. Introducing mysms – Text [...]

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beeZee: Autoreply app for incoming calls and SMS

by: Alvin YbañezAugust 10, 2012

If I were to describe advancing technology in one word, the word “instant” would perfectly describe modern technology. With our high-tech gadgets and portable devices, we can almost do anything instantly. You can check your mail, send messages to your loved ones, and do almost anything — instantly — in the palm of your hands.

With technology’s rapid speed, users find it hard to keep up with their devices. We may sometimes have difficulty in replying to all our messages or answering incoming calls. If you’re busier than a buzzing bee and your Android phone is continuously playing the notification tone of unread SMS messages or [...]

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Premium-rate SMS malware survived in Google Play for weeks

by: Gary SimsJuly 12, 2012

Based on image from Symantec

A nasty bit of malware known as Android.Dropdialer has been hiding out in Google Play since June 24 and has managed to generate somewhere between 50,000 to 100,000 downloads. The malware was hidden inside two games “Super Mario Bros.” and “GTA 3 Moscow City”. The malware was discovered by Symantec and was removed from the Play store once Google was notified.

The malware managed to remain undetected for so long because the malicious components where downloaded separately, from a Dropbox account, and did not form part of the original package submitted to Google Play. “What is most interesting about this [...]

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Comodo Anti-theft Free: Using SMS commands to protect or find your lost phone

by: Carl ParkerJune 29, 2012

Since your Android is your personal phone, you undoubtedly have optimized your experience by storing your personal information and credentials on your smartphone. If something bad happens to your phone, that means your personal data are also at risk.  What can you do when your phone gets lost or stolen?

It’s necessary to take action when your phone gets stolen or lost. Thankfully, there’s an app specifically for that scenario. Anti-theft Free, developed by COMODO, provides the necessary actions for certain accidents like when your phone is misplaced, lost, or stolen.

Anti-theft Free provides ways to help you find your phone and [...]

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SMS Flash: App for viewing incoming SMS even in full screen mode

by: Carl ParkerMay 25, 2012

One of the greatest things about having an Android phone its ability to display messages, like popups, anywhere on your phone. Everything goes according to our expectations except for one thing: pop-ups don’t work when you’re playing games or using apps in full-screen.

That results in not being able to view messages when you’re concentrating on your game and that’s annoying. But, here’s the good news: Android developers have heard your problems and that’s where SMS Flash comes into the picture.

SMS Flash is a simple app that will display incoming messages as soon as it reaches your phone, whether you’re playing a game or using an app in full [...]

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SmallTalk: An intelligent autoreply bot for SMS chit-chat

by: Carl ParkerMay 21, 2012

More than half of the world has mobile phones which serve as peoples’ everyday mode of communication with their loved ones, for texts and calls, or even for exchanging flirty messages and heartaches. After a while, that routine gets boring. There are times that not a single text or call arrives on your phone, which results in your being afflicted with boredom. That’s one of the greatest issues of having a phone in your pocket. If you just receive simple texts like “How are you?”, “Hey!”, “Hi”, “What are you doing?” and make replies like “I’m OK,” “Yeah!,” “Hello,” and “I’m fine,” it gets kind of boring, too.

It’s a good thing that one great Android [...]

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SMS Popup updated with new “Holo” ICS-style user interface

by: Matthew SabatiniMay 5, 2012

SMS Popup is the one stop app for, well, SMS popups. As soon as you get a text message, SMS Popup creates a well placed popup dialog. You can view the message in your inbox or reply to the message directly, without leaving whatever it was you were doing. SMS Popup also specializes in customization of notifications, sounds, vibrations, and LED settings. Furthermore, the app even takes care of marking the message as “read” after you reply to it.

Without a doubt, the functionality of SMS Popup is extremely useful. In addition, the developers have just added an update with bug fixes, the ability to view and reply to multiple messages, and a user interface [...]
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How to Use Voice Commands for Managing SMS Text Messages

by: Ken EastDecember 6, 2011

Along with the iPhone 4S, voice recognition software Siri was launched recently, and it has definitely become the talk among smartphone users. Of course, Android also has something for its fans. There are Vlingo and iris, which are more or less the same as Siri. The two apps take voice commands, allowing users to use their device without any physical contact with the phone.

Now, here is another great app for your Android device. Sonalight Text by Voice is an Android app that puts voice recognition to good use specifically for text messaging.

This app maybe not as amazing as Vlingo or Siri but it’s definitely helpful if you don’t want to get into the hassle of [...]

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