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Deal: Best Buy is selling the Pebble Steel and Jawbone UP for $50 off

by: Rob TriggsDecember 15, 2014
Best Buy is currently selling the Pebble Steel through its ebay store for $150. That's 25 percent off the regular retail price.
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Kairos T-band, your old watch can be smart too

by: Jonathan FeistDecember 8, 2014
The folks behind the Kairos Smartwatch are now offering T-band, a smart watch band that will attach to your favorite traditional watch. Now any watch can be a smartwatch.
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New Moto 360 commercials – elegance meets, um, function

by: Jonathan FeistDecember 3, 2014
Motorola is having some fun showing off their Moto 360, Android Wear powered smartwatch, in a pair of new commercials. Elegance, meet function, and burritos.
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Put a ring on it: Samsung patent hints at ring-operated smartwatch

by: Matthew BensonNovember 27, 2014
A new patent application has appeared this week, potentially giving us a glimpse of what might end up being one of Samsung's upcoming smartwatches. What makes this particular patent so interesting? It shows a round watch operated by a ring around the face.
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Motorola now selling Moto 360 leather and metal bands

by: Jonathan FeistNovember 27, 2014
Motorola is now selling leather and steel bands for your Moto 360 Android Wear powered smartwatch. $30 to choose from three colors of leather and the steel band comes in two colors for $80.
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WiFi-only Gear S model available, in Japan only for now

by: Matthew BensonNovember 21, 2014
The recently released Gear S smartwatch boasts a bevy of features, 3G connectivity being one of them. Yet in Japan, there is also a Wi-Fi only variant.
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CASUALWear Watchface app template helps make custom Android Wear watchface apps easy

by: Joe HindyNovember 19, 2014
Android Wear is gaining momentum. For developers looking to build their own watch faces for Android Wear, there is now a template and guide on how to do it.
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Shop on Amazon from your Android Wear smartwatch

by: Eric McBrideNovember 18, 2014
Owners of Android Wear devices can now make purchases on Amazon directly from their watch without needing to take out their phone.
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Samsung Simband is a health oriented Gear S on steroids

by: Matthew BensonNovember 13, 2014
With so many different sensors (everything from a blood pressure monitor to a BMI calculator), the Samsung Simband has a lot of potential uses, both for the home user and the medical community.
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