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Viber 2.2 brings group messaging, Jelly Bean not supported

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 24, 2012

The popular VoIP and messaging application Viber has received a nice update today, which brings group messaging among other new features, as well as a number of tweaks to the user interface.

Developed by Israeli company Viber Media, the app is a strong competitor to Skype or WhatsApp, and, with the new update, it will also encroach on the territory of established group messaging apps such as Beluga or CloudTalk.

Viber now has over 90 million users across all platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry, and WP), who make over 1.5 billion of minutes of calls every month and send over 2 billion text messages. These are some impressive numbers for an app that was first [...]

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Microsoft warns users about fake Skype app

by: Gary SimsJuly 19, 2012

A couple of weeks ago Trend Micro spotted a fake version of Skype for offer. Now Microsoft, who own Skype, has published some more details about this malware dressed up as a legitimate app.

How the malware works is like this: once an unsuspecting user installs the app, it sends SMS messages to premium rate numbers without the users’ consent. This costs the user money which goes straight into the malware author’s pockets.

The problem for the victim is that the charges for the premium SMS messages will most likely only be seen once the next bill arrives and long after the app has been uninstalled (as the victim realizes that it isn’t a legit version of [...]

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Skype reaches 70 million downloads milestone, now works on over 1,300 Android devices [Infographic]

by: Bams SadewoJune 25, 2012

Ever wonder how big of an impact Skype has made since it first touched down on the Android platform two years ago? Wonder no more, because the company has laid down all the essential information on the following Infographic.

Skype for Android — now the most popular video calling app on the platform — has been downloaded over 70 million times from Google Play Store. With 23.36%, the US is the top country on the list, while Japan is a distant second with 6.96%. Samsung devices seem to dominate the top list with the Galaxy S2 coming on top with 8.92%.  Even though the app now works on more than 1,300 Android devices, we don’t think the list is going to change [...]

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Rebtel 2.0 free VoIP app now supports Android tablets

by: Chris SmithJune 14, 2012

Just like Skype, Rebtel is a VoIP program that lets users call family and friends for free or cheaper than regular phone calls – via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, respectively – straight from their smart mobile device. And the company, which describes itself as the “world’s largest mobile VoIP company after Skype,” announced today the launch of its Rebtel 2.0 Android app that’s now customized to support Android tablets.

Rebtel is confident that Android tablets will “see significant increases in the next five years” and therefore its mobile product specifically optimized for Android tablet use will “benefit millions of users who are looking to offset [...]

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Skype for Android gets updated: loads faster, new IM view, and video call improvement

by: Bams SadewoApril 27, 2012

The ubiquitous VoIP and instant messaging app Skype, available on Android since October 2010, has received quite the update today. Available to download on Google Play, the new version brings a new instant messaging view, video rotation support for more Android devices, as well as faster start up times. Below is our quick impression of the updated Skype app for Android.

Starting from launching Skype on our device, there’s a noticeable different in the loading time of the app. This is something that we really appreciate, since in the old version, we always wondered if the instant messaging app is giving up on us before we even got to log in. Let’s just say [...]

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How to Make VoIP Calls Through Your Android Phone

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 8, 2012

If you need to make or receive a voice call in an area that has marginal cell service, you can still do so with your Android smartphone. Using your internet bandwidth, you can now make VoIP phone calls.

Voice over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP) is one way you can make phone calls even without traditional telephone copper wires. Especially if your network signal has been playing tricks on you, you can opt to use a VoIP by connecting to a WiFi network connection instead. In order to do this, you have two options to set up your VoIP. The first option is through the use of Session Internet Protocol (SIP), a signaling technology commonly used in commercial VoIP apps. [...]

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Skype Updated for a Whole Wackload of Android Devices With Better Video Chat & More

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 29, 2011

Well it’s about time! According to Skype’s official changelog, their Android app will be adding video chat functionality to over 14 new devices. The update isn”t without its growing pains though, as it looks like Skype is planning to further monetize their burgeoning free service by way of a few ads here and there.

Either way, as one of the world’s most popular video/messaging/free calling services, it’s good to see, and more importantly, it’s good for everyone and especially the new near 600,000 Android device owners being added daily.

I read somewhere a few weeks back that at any given moment, Skype is responsible for as [...]

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Skype for Android now available

by: James TromansOctober 5, 2010

Skype for Android

It has been a long time coming but now Skype is available “on a wide range of Android phones”. The get the bad news out of the way first, Skype has only been tested on HTC and Motorola devices with Android OS 2.1 and above. Right now there are some log-in issues with the Samsung Galaxy S, and Skype are “looking to address these in the future.” Shame, because I have a Galaxy S and wanted to try the thing before I posted. Anyway, onto the good news…

Skype for Android allows you to make free Skype-to-Skype calls as you might expect, as well as send and receive IMs for free, one-to-one or with a group. [...]

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Verizon and the Saygus VPhone with Skype

by: James TromansFebruary 23, 2010

Image from

Back in November 2009 we brought you the news that Skype and Verizon were teaming up to create a phone together. The only thing we could think of at the time was a device aimed towards video chat and Skype related communication. Since Saygus made their original statement, out of the blue, the specification list has changed somewhat. The new specifiction list originates from However, the changes are not too drastic. We’re quite impressed that Saygus has kept true to their announcement in any regard, since they are an unknown American manufacturer, and as yet, unproven.

The processor was alleged to [...]

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Android to recieve the Skype treatment

by: James TromansJanuary 8, 2009

The word on the street is that Skype are soon to release a native VoIP client for JAVA-enabled phones, including Android. Among others, ‘Skype Lite’ will also function on Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung devices taking the total number of handsets that will benefit from the release to over 100.

The new application has (allegedly) already been submitted to Google’s Android Market, and will become available for download over the next few days. There is no official word from Skype on this news yet, but according to SkypeJournal, there was a leaked embargoed story over at CNET (which is no longer online) supporting these claims.

We should have this all ironed out in a [...]

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