Google’s Sound Search widget now available for all ICS users, in US only

google sound search
by 1 year ago

The Sound Search widget for Google Play finally integrates music identification to the Google Play store, and it’s now available for Android 4.0 and higher. Although this concept isn’t new (Soundhound and Shazam have been doing this for a few years), Google’s version has one very helpful feature for Android users, syncing.

Shazam app now helps identify TV shows and ads

by 1 year ago

Shazam, the popular music recognition app, is fully branching out to TV shows and ads. It now lets users tag TV shows on any channel. The next time you find yourself intrigued by a scene on the small screen, simply whip out Shazam and tag the show.

SoundHound app updated to version 5.0, features an even friendlier UI and redesigned homescreen

soundhound for android
by 2 years ago

Although Shazam is probably the first app that comes to mind when talking about music recognition services, SoundHound, its main competitor, has progressed immensely as of late, and is now catching up with the more established Shazam. SoundHound’s lower price point, friendlier user interface, and regular updates on Android have brought the app a lot of attention over the past year. The app’s popularity should grow even further now that the 5.0 version is live in Google Play. A “stunning new homescreen layout, gorgeous album art and high-resolution photos of artists, and an even more user-friendly user interface” are the…