Verizon Share Everything now has five extra data tiers

by 1 year ago

When Verizon Wireless first spilled all the details of its new Share Everything data plans, I was quite surprised that the most expensive plan covered only 10GB for $100, as there are a lot of data-heavy Verizon LTE customers that eat through their “allowance” as fast as you can say “Youtube in HD”. Fortunately, now that Verizon has stopped offering their traditional data plans, the Big Red carrier has announced that it is now offering five additional tiers, ranging from $110 for 12 GB to $150 for $20 GB. Basically, the new five Verizon Share Everything tiers each allow you…

Verizon Share Everything plans: what you need to know

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by 2 years ago

Roughly a full month ago, Verizon was announcing that they will soon start pushing a new data share plan, one that will allow multiple users to connect multiple devices that all draw from a single bucket/pool of data. Fortunately for those of us eager to learn more about how this data share plan will actually work, Big Red has disclosed yesterday the full details regarding the new Verizon Share Everything family plan for phone calls, text messages and data usage. Verizon’s Share Everything Fees & Structure Verizon’s Share Everything data plan – available starting June 28 – is probably one…