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HTC Desire with Sense UI and Android 2.1

by: James TromansFebruary 17, 2010

The HTC Desire, codenamed Bravo, has been let loose officially. The HTC Desire is a effectively a Google Nexus One. However, the Desire has HTC’s famous Sense UI paved over the most recently available build of Android, called Eclair. It’s a very attractive piece of kit that has even grown a ever-so-small chin reminiscent of the HTC Magic. It’s almost unnoticeable, though.

Instead of the Nexus One’s trackball, there is a an optical trackpad. This part of the phone has clearly undergone some serious thought. The actual trackpad – which is effectively just a small black dot, is surrounded by a physical button. For more information on the hardware [...]

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HTC Bravo takes the stage in early form

by: Chuck ZichJanuary 21, 2010

Say hello to the first live picture of the HTC Bravo.  The picture, uncovered by Omio, shows some interesting hardware design cues such as an optical joystick, asymmetrical button interface and physical buttons as opposed to the touch sensitive type.  Rumored to be launching with T-Mobile UK sometime in March and possibly free with a 2 year contract, this device is said to be toe to toe with Google’s Nexus One in terms of specs.  Current officially known specs are a 3.7-inch display with multitouch capabilities, 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus, the newest iteration of Android OS, updated Sense UI, and the beefy Snapdragon processor turning the gears.  The name [...]

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Rumor: HTC Supersonic to launch on Sprint with 4G support

by: Chuck ZichJanuary 18, 2010

Engadget has gotten an exclusive tip from a “trusted” source revealing the codename and details of what could possibly be the first 4G Android device to hit the market.  Codenamed “Supersonic”, the device is made by HTC and will launch on Sprint with WiMAX capability.  Here are the official bullet points taken from Engadget:

Codename is “Supersonic” — a name we’ve heard at least once before. Feels a lot like you’d expect an Android-powered HD2 to feel thanks to a 4.3-inch non-AMOLED display and a svelte shell. (For reference, the HD2 is 11mm thick, but we don’t have exact dimensions here.) It’s got a kickstand on [...]
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HTC Espresso shows off its updated Sense UI

by: Susan ElleryDecember 27, 2009

A new video emerged this weekend which showcases the newest version of Sense UI found on the HTC Espresso. The three minute long video features an HTC Hero with a leaked version of the Espresso ROM and provides a nice visual presentation of the Espresso’s Sense UI in action. HTC fans that want a Sense UI sneak preview can hit the jump for the full video.

[via MobileTechWorld and Engadget]

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HTC launches four new Widgets for the Hero and DROID Eris

by: Susan ElleryDecember 17, 2009

Everyone was buzzing this morning about HTC releasing four new widgets in the Android market. We had our hopes up that HTC was releasing some hot new Widgets that would bring a little bit of SenseUI to our Motorola, Acer, LG, or Samsung handset. All those rumors were partially correct as four new widgets from HTC did debut in the Android Market today. Unfortunately, they are for the HTC Hero and the DROID Eris only. The four widgets include a Tip Calculator, a Dice Game, a Battery meter and a Today in History application. All four widgets have that HTC styling and are designed to complement HTC’s slick SenseUI interface. Those fortunate HTC Hero and DROID Eris owners can [...]

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HTC to offer Sense widgets for sale in the Android Market?

by: Chuck ZichDecember 17, 2009

Earlier this week HTC issued a cease and desist order to Beautiful Widgets creators LevelUp Studio due to the self proclaimed similarities of LevelUp’s widgets to HTC’s Sense UI.  At first, it looked like HTC was just looking to protect the likeness of the well received custom UI overlay, but after some digging it has been unearthed that HTC seems to be preparing its own version of the Sense UI in widget form for anyone with an Android device.

3 test apps on the Android market were discovered by the folks at Phandroid that are directly linked to HTC and after researching a little deeper, it has been discovered that one of the app’s official package name is [...]

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Android 2.1 ROM with Sense UI leaked for the HTC Hero

by: Susan ElleryDecember 1, 2009

Those screen shots that showed the HTC Hero running Android 2.1 were a harbinger of better things to come. Instead of merely drooling over Android 2.1 with Sense UI running on someone else’s Hero, you can now experience it first hand. Available now for your downloading and flashing pleasure is an Android 2.1 ROM complete with Sense UI for the HTC Hero, courtesy of xda-developers. If you have a penchant for flashing, then follow the relatively straightforward directions and let us know in the comments how it turns out.

[via Engadget]

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Android 2.1 spotted on the HTC Hero

by: Susan ElleryNovember 30, 2009

Folks with the HTC Hero and the DROID Eris have been plowing along with Android 1.5 while HTC updates its Sense UI to be fully compatible with Android 2.0. The wait might be over as screen shots, purportedly of the HTC Hero rocking Android 2.1, have surfaced at the French blog, Be Geek. If the shots are legitimate (and that is a big “if”), then HTC may skip over Android 2.0 and jump right into 2.1. So what do you think, for real or fake? Several full-size screen shots are after the break for you to judge for yourself.

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