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Verizon adding two new Motorola Android smartphones in July

by: Michael OrylMay 28, 2010

According to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon Wireless is set to add two new Motorola Android smartphones to its portfolio in July of this year.  The publication says that the new devices are part of a deal between Moto and Verizon that will see the nation’s largest carrier putting a lot of marketing dollars behind the new phones, just as it did with the original Motorola DROID.

For its part, Motorola, via co-CEO Sanjay Jha, has said only:

“We will introduce new Droid products in the Verizon franchise”

[via Mobile Burn]

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Android not enough for Motorola

by: James TromansFebruary 22, 2010

Despite literally being pulled from the fires of failure by Android, Motorola have opted to speak out about their desires to push their own new OS as CEO Sanjay Jha clearly puts it; “If I had more money for R&D, I’d be developing an operating platform.” Indeed, Jha states that Motorola require diversity in their portfolio, something I think anyone could agree with. When discussing the possibility about a Windows Phone 7 Jha says, “I’m open to it…I think I need diversity in our portfolio.”

Motorola had a great time of it when they were the first to release an Android based 2.X device. An aggressive marketing campaign saw that the Motorola Droid really did do very well on [...]

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Video: Motorola MOTOBLUR demo

by: Michael OrylSeptember 10, 2009

Here’s Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha demonstrating the new Motorola social networking system for Android, MOTOBLUR.

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Motorola CEO confirms Android devices in time for holiday season 2009

by: Michael OrylApril 30, 2009

As part of its quarterly earnings report, Motorola’s handset division CEO, Janjay Jha, says:

“…we plan to have differentiated Android-based devices in stores in time for the fourth-quarter holiday season”

That’s “devices”, folks.  At least two.  Like, perhaps, the Calgary and Ironman, maybe?

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It’s official: Motorola drops Linux Java and Symbian UIQ, embraces Android

by: Darcy LaCouveeOctober 30, 2008

In the company’s quarterly earnings call, Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed that he is reducing the number of cell phone platforms that his company supports.  Symbian OS and the UIQ user interface, as seen on devices like the Motorola Z10, will no longer be used except for devices that the company has already committed to building.  Motorola’s own Linux Java platform (originally called JUIX) suffers the same fate.

Jha said that his company will use Windows Mobile and Android for its mid-tier and high-end handsets for both consumers and enterprise.  That’s great news for newcomer Android.

The less good news is that the first Motorola Android phone [...]

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Motorola to drop Symbian, focus on Android for the high-end

by: Michael OrylOctober 29, 2008

According to a Wall Street Journal story, Motorola’s new CEO, Sanjay Jha, will announce tomorrow that his company will focus on the Android platform for its top end handsets.  While Moto will continue to use its own platform for lower end devices, and will also continue to use Windows Mobile for some of its smartphones, the other platforms, such as UIQ on Symbian, will be dropped.

Jha had told employees earlier in the year that the company was going to support only three platforms in the future, though he had not indicated which three would survive.

It is common knowledge that Motorola is already working on an Android powered device.  The Wall Street Journal says [...]

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