Samsung factory robbed, $36 million in electronics stolen

by 2 weeks ago

On Monday, a Samsung factory located in the city of Campinas, in São Paulo, Brazil, was robbed and held at gunpoint. According to ZDNet, around 20 men disguised as factory workers snuck in during the night shift. A little after midnight, the criminals held a few Samsung employees hostage and began their raid of the factory. The employees who were not being held hostage continued to work, but had the batteries taken out of their cell phones. The criminals made off with seven trucks filled with Samsung electronics. The robbers stole an estimated amount of $36 million worth in laptops, tablets and smartphones….

G Watch and Gear Live are now shipping!

samsung gear live first look (3 of 19)
by 2 weeks ago

Now here’s a pleasant surprise. People who ordered the Gear Live and the G Watch from the Play Store are now receiving shipping notifications, meaning that the smartwatches could be on their wrists by Monday.