best of ifa 2014 awards (20 of 37)

Android folks, what a wild ride this past week has been! IFA brought us ton of new devices, and many of them are really good. With the refined Note 4, the wild Note Edge, and the semi-bizarre Gear VR, Samsung showed why it’s the number one force in mobile hardware. Sony delivered more improvements to its Xperia lineup, and we really loved the amazingly thin and light 8-inch Tablet Z3 Compact. LG and Asus came with new and intriguing smartwatch designs, HTC went 64-bit with the Desire 820, Huawei went nuts (in a good way) with the Mate 7, and Motorola finally brought its 2014 lineup to light.


In the early days of Android, the mobile operating system found itself at home on pretty much only one kind of device: the smartphone. Later the OS extended into the realm of tablets, and since... then it has made its way onto televisions, cars, appliances, watches and the list goes on. Thanks to Samsung, you can now add one more contraption to the list — office printers. Yes, really.