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For what seems to be an eternity, we have speculated about the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 release date. Rumor after rumor, our hopes were kindled, only to be brutally crushed when the supposed launch date passed joylessly.

First, it was January at the CES. Then, this week’s MWC was pegged as the perfect occasion to launch the S3 (in 2011, the Galaxy S2 was announced at MWC). But Samsung made it clear that we won’t see the new S3 in Barcelona.

So when is the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming? Read on!


With the Galaxy S2 still going strong (over 10 million units sold in the last four months), we understand why Samsung isn’t hurrying to out its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III, as the official... branding goes). But for true Android fans, the wait for Koreans’ new flagship device is agonizing.

The S2 is a wonderful piece of hardware, so our expectations for the next generation of the Galaxy...


The Samsung Galaxy Ace is one of Samsung’s popular mid-range and budget-friendly Android phones. Sporting mid-range specs and good performance, the phone lets you enjoy the Android experience... without burning a hole in your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy Ace, however, only offers Android 2.2 Froyo, which is not as sweet as the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

XDA Developers member Rushabh...


This quad core 1.5 Ghz Exynos chip isn’t exactly a surprise, because Samsung talked about it (Exynos 4412) before. Not to mention that there were plenty of Galaxy S3 rumors that said it... has a quad core 1.5 Ghz processor. But they haven’t shown it yet, and they will get the opportunity to do so at MWC very soon.

The Exynos 4412 is made at 32nm, so it should be more efficie...

samsung S2 20 million

The Galaxy S2, in its various forms, has officially become Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone, smashing the record held by its predecessor, the original Galaxy S. The Koreans announced today that... they have sold 20 million units of the Galaxy S2, which means that Sammy reached this major milestone seven months faster than they did with the Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was first launche...

GalaxyNoteFeature (2)

Hey guys!

I’m sure you’ve heard of a little device known as the Galaxy Note, right? No, you say? Where have you been? It’s currently one... of our favorite devices on the market because of its gargantuan, brilliant HD Super AMOLED display, it’s powerful 1.4GHz Exynos dual core processor, and because there’s nothing out ther...


Are you sick of people telling you that there is no tablet market, only an iPad market? From now on, tell your iPad-toting buddies to check out this report from iSuppli, which essentially puts the iPad... dominance theory to the rest. In a nutshell: Apple still sells more tablets than anyone else, but Cupertino’s iron grip on the market is finally loosening. So, who deserves the credit? Without doubt, A...


In an interview with Pocket-Link, Chris Moseley Samsung’s AV Product Manager is not a bit worried about the rumored Apple iTV.

 “We’ve not seen what they’ve done but what we... can say is that they don’t have 10,000 people in R&D in the vision category.

“They don’t have the best scaling engine in the world and they don’t have world renowned picture qualit...


In the market for an Android tablet? Amazon sent out an email yesterday to its customers with a link to stating that:

“For a limited time, customers can save $80 or more... on select Galaxy Tabs from Samsung. Order yours today and get FREE Super Saver Shipping when you buy from (click on link for restrictions). Offer good until February 18, 2012, or while supplie...


Samsung is on an absolute tear as of late, and shows no signs of slowing down. Leaked today from their official RSS feed, and quickly taken down thereafter, is the 7 inch screen toting, Ice... Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 packing, Galaxy Tab 2.

While it’s not packing “to die for” specs like either the ASUS Transformer Prime 700T, or any of the quad core tablets set t...