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Rumors and speculation are heating up as the new Nexus 6 looms closer, and this week brought us a few more details to geek over. But that wasn’t the only cool news in the Android universe this week – we spent some time with the Note 4, got to see what the fuss is about #gapgate, got a peek at Samsung’s interpretation of Android L, learned about Google’s interest in Cyanogen, and met HTC’s new Desire Eye for the first time.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Feature Focus – Multitasking play

Multitasking is an important feature of our Android smartphones and tablets that we’ve all come to appreciate. While multitasking generally involves the ability to easily switch... between the various apps that you may be using, Samsung as always, manages to pack a lot more than the norm into their devices, with their current flagships coming with multitasking features such as mult...