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If you’ve been on the fence about snapping up a Samsung Gear Fit, this $99.99 price tag is a great opportunity to grab one without breaking the bank. We don’t know how long these prices will hold, get in there now before it’s too late.

samsung gear fit aa (11 of 20)

Samsung’s foray into the world of fitness bands brings some smartwatch capabilities as well. How does it fare? Here’s our review of the Samsung Gear Fit!


It looks like the wait is over for those of you waiting to get your wrists on the Samsung Gear Fit. Amazon has updated their website to show the Gear Fit is now in stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process. The Gear Neo is also in stock and ready to order, however Amazon is reporting that the Gear 2 is out of stock. The availability comes with a report from Android Central who stated that preorders for the Samsung Gear Fit, Gear Neo and Gear 2 have started shipping. The Gear 2 is the latest version of Samsung’s premium…

Galaxy S5 Gear 2 Gear Fit Official Hands-on Videos

Foregoing any Broadway and Bollywood theatrics, Samsung has posted videos of the Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and the Gear Fit. The videos are pleasantly simple, offering a hands-on overview and walk-through of some key features of each device. Best of all, the real user feel and normal day-to-day functions presented will leave little question as to how these features work and, more importantly, if they will work for you.