Legit picture of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6? Decide for yourself

by 2 years ago

The folks at Android and Me have made an interesting discovery that seems to lend credibility to the rumored existence of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6. A purported picture of the supersized tablet was spotted, of all places, on the Exynos product page of the company’s website. To make it clear, there’s no marking whatsoever that gives out the picture as the mysterious Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6. What the picture does show is a slightly bigger looking Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with minor design differences. Of course, we shouldn’t always take things at face value. Prior to the Mobile World…

Surprise, the new iPad is only slightly better than the iPad2. Where does this leave Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6
by 2 years ago

Phew…the Apple hypesteria is starting to cool off. Just a few more days, the inevitable reports about people standing in endless lines to get the “new iPad”, and we’re done. For a while… Anyway, the last days have brought unpleasant news for iFans, news that are, I must admit, music to my fanboyish ears. First, some enterprising sports in Vietnam have got their hands on a new iPad and ran it through some benchmarks. And, the mother of all surprises, the new iPad, fitted with Apple’s new dual-core A5X chip, is only slightly better than the old iPad. True, the…

Samsung, It’s Your Move. Where’s Your Answer to the New iPad?

by 2 years ago

In both the smartphones and the tablets market, Samsung is the de facto leader of the Android pack. Moreover, if you count out Amazon, with its Kindle Fire (which does run on Android, but in a heavily modified form), Samsung is the only manufacturer holding up the flag for Android in the tablet market. ASUS is making an impact too, which is likely to be more significant when the MeMo 370T is upon us, but, for now, its market share is still in single-digit territory. So, now, when the Apple hype machine is spewing up countless articles, analyses, and posts…

What Awesome Technology Do We Expect To See At Mobile World Congress 2012?

by 2 years ago

At the end of this month will be Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile technology dedicated trade show in the world. It will take place between February 27th and 1st of March in Barcelona. Year by year, this event has provided us with product launches and news from the growing world of mobile technology. Among the innumerable lot of rumors and official announcements, we have picked the most anticipated debuts for this big event. For better organization, we’ve put them into different categories. Read on! Smartphones: HTC The HTC Ville, set to be named the HTC One S, is the thinnest phone set to come from HTC. Rumors suggest that the new gadget from the Taiwanese company will be no more than 8 mm thin, whereas their thinnest phones currently measure 10 mm thick….