AT&T releasing Galaxy S II on October 2; Bell Cuts Price to $24.99!

Galaxy S II (slim)
by 2 years ago

AT&T recently confirmed via Twitter that the Galaxy S II will be released on October 2nd. The Galaxy S II will be available starting October 2 for $199.99 w/2-yr contract! Min. $15/month data plan req’d. As noted, the phone will be available for $199.99 with a new contract. AT&T customers who are buying the phone without a new contract can pick up the slim beast for a cool $ And, for our Canadian readers, you’ll be pleased to know that starting September 23rd, Bell customers can get a $145 discount on the Galaxy S II courtesy of Best Buy….

Top 5 Android Smartphones Challenging The Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II
by 2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S2 (or S II) is arguably the best smartphone currently in the market. The Galaxy S II’s arrival in the US market has long been anticipated, following the record it set as the best-selling Samsung phone ever after selling 5 million units in Europe and Asia in just 85 days. The Galaxy S II boasts of bringing the next viewing, media, communication, entertainment, and business experience with its various specs, including a 4.3″ SUPER AMOLED Plus screen, HSPA+ 21 Mbps wireless capability, 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras with LED Flash, and dual core processor. However good the…

Samsung Galaxy S II Is Not Coming to Verizon

by 2 years ago

Brace yourselves Verizon customers. I’ve got some bad news for you. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t coming to Verizon – at all. If this news won’t make any of you happy, I’m sure it will at least make someone happy – and that’s Motorola. With Samsung Galaxy S II out of the way, Motorola will be free to market their upcoming Droid Bionic. Why there’s no Galaxy S2 on Verizon I think these days Verizon can actually afford to choose between 2 or more new handsets that could launch on a particular month. Since the Galaxy S II is…

Samsung Galaxy S II Coming to the U.S. in August

by 3 years ago

Amidst rumors that Steve Jobs’ nightmare-causing Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S II, may skirt the United States, Samsung announced last Wednesday that the Samsung Galaxy S II will be arriving in the United States in August. Shin Jong-kyun, head of Samsung’s mobile communications division, did not specify the exact date of the Samsung Galaxy S II’s release in the United States. Shin made the announcement during the launching of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in South Korea. Shin was mum on the price, too. American consumers have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S II, a…

Samsung Galaxy S II’s Near-Space Odyssey [Live Coverage]

by 3 years ago

The Samsung Galaxy S II is ready to head off to near-space. Though not the first Android device to blasted off to several thousand meters up high into the atmosphere, we’re excited to see Samsung Japan’s and JP Aerospace’s event. Ustream is covering the event live and has informed us that the space balloon will carry “messages of hope and wishes for Japan.” Seven “Galaxy Musicians” will be providing songs written originally for the space balloon project. The balloon carrying the Samsung Galaxy S II will be throttling in the stratosphere for 90 minutes. [Update 1] The Space Balloon team…

A Samsung Galaxy S II User Review

by 3 years ago

First, a brief background: after several months of being a staunch HTC user, I decided to jump ship to try out the most-talked about Android phone out there. My own HTC Legend was adequate at the start and I was even wowed by the Sense UI, but eventually my power user self wanted something more. After weighing my options between getting the Sensation and the S2, I went with Samsung’s flagship both for value and to try out something different. This review is not going to be a spec-by-spec account or a phone comparison review (though I may compare it…

Samsung Galaxy S II May Bypass U.S.

by 3 years ago

The Samsung Galaxy S II, said to be the Android smartphone that gives Steve Jobs cold night sweats and nightmares, is arriving in Canada tomorrow, July 14. It is going on a trip to near-space on Friday, July 15. Its processor has been successfully overclocked from the stock and measly 1.2 GHz to 1.5 GHz and beyond by those who currently own it. It has been selling around the world at a mind-boggling rate of 1 handset every 1.5 seconds. The Samsung Galaxy S II, indeed, is a most sought-after Android smartphone. It has done all of that–and a little…

Samsung Galaxy S II Torn Apart – Magic Found Inside

by 3 years ago

While this particular beast of a superphone hasn’t hit the US shores yet (unbelievable!), it’s selling like absolute hotcakes overseas, with over 3.5 million units sold in the past 60 days. And this, in and of itself, should be reason enough to take this beautiful piece of hardware, and tear it apart right? Thankfully, i’m not the only one that thinks this way – and the kind folks over at ABI Research have taken the liberty to tear it apart to see what sort of magic is inside. Anyway, their tear-down revealed some very interesting things, among them that Samsung has incorporated technology…

Samsung Galaxy S II Delayed in the US Due to ‘Slow’ Carrier Negotiations

by 3 years ago

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S II is continuing its ascent to the top of the Best Superphone list of 2011, it’s still yet to be received in the USA. To further compound this embarrassing situation, Canadians will be receiving it as early as 5 days from now, on July 14, at several of the major carriers there – marking the first time in history that Canadians receive advanced hot tech before their partners to the South. Getting to the matter at hand, there has been a great deal of speculation as to why it hasn’t come to…

FCC Reveals Samsung Galaxy S2 With Tegra 2 On Board

by 3 years ago

I read an interesting piece not too long ago on the games that carriers and manufacturers play. Essentially, it’s not a game; rather, it’s business. While some manufacturers were initially hesitant to cater to the every whim of their largest customers, the carriers, others were more opportunistic, and as such, produced multiple iterations of the same device to get it on as many carriers as possible. Case in point, the best selling Android phone of 2010 – the original Samsung Galaxy S. This phone, like so many others, was rebranded so many times I’ve simply lost count. Bringing us to…