Our Guess on the Samsung Galaxy S3

by 2 years ago

Ever since the success of the Samsung Galaxy S2 last year, many have been expecting when a new model will be released. With the number of press releases Samsung published about their growing sales figures, a sequel to the S2 was only the right thing to do. Despite the fact that Samsung still hasn’t made any official announcements on the Galaxy S3, many have speculated how the device will turn out to be. Especially with the company’s recent announcement of several new Exynos cores, it can be expected that they will be utilized to boost the new Galaxy S. There is…

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs LG Nitro HD

by 2 years ago

The recent launch of the LG Nitro HD was expected to make huge waves in the mobile phone industry. Produced by LG, the phone carries an award-winning AH-IPS screen with HD capability. Rising hype concerning the new technology went frantic, with reviews claiming the LG phone’s display to be way better than the display of any other device in the market, including Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus screen found on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and other devices. As the new year starts to unfold, it is fitting to take a look again at how LG’s gorgeous HD phone fares against Samsung’s…

How to Install the Leaked Android 4.0.3 with Touchwiz on your Samsung Galaxy S2

by 2 years ago

Just a few weeks ago I told you about the leaked ICS ROM with HTC Sense 3.5 for the HTC Sensation family, and since almost every ROM has been updated to 4.0.1. Well today a leaked ROM that Samsung has been working on for the Galaxy S2 with Android 4.0.3 and Touchwiz is on the menu. Below we will tell you how to install it on your Galaxy S2 phone. News of this leaked ROM for the Galaxy S2 came from SamMobile, which is a site dedicated to news about Samsung devices and products. The video above and screenshot below…

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with ICS Android 4.0.1 XXKP2 Firmware

by 2 years ago

  It’s good to end the year right and begin a new year complete anew. If you want to welcome the new year with a loud bang on your  Samsung Galaxy S2, you can do so by updating it to Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich build XXKP2. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to update your phone to Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich. So, before the clock strikes midnight (or probably after your New Year party), let’s give your device some love so you can enjoy the all-new Android experience of Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich. Important Reminders…

Droid Razr MotoCast vs Galaxy S2 AllShare vs iPhone 4S AirPlay

by 2 years ago

The year 2011 was really a rich year with better, stronger, and faster smartphones coming out. But, it didn’t stop at the phone specs. Samsung, Apple, and Motorola each took a step further and brought their own file streaming apps. What this means is that you could stream media back and forth between your phone and your HDTV, your laptop, or your PC. In the Samsung Galaxy S2, you’ve got AllShare. On the iPhone 4S, you have Airplay. On the Motorola Droid RAZR, MotoCast is the way. Although similar in function, not all these apps are the same. MotoCast The…

HTC Sensation XE vs Samsung Galaxy S2

by 2 years ago

This year would surely be one of the biggest years for Android. There were so many Android devices that hit the market, and not just low-end and mid-range ones but also ones that did shine and become so popular. Today we going to compare two of the big guns in the Android smartphone arena, and we will check out which one is better. When we say big guns, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation XE. The fame of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of unprecedented success by far. Now, can the HTC Sensation…

Galaxy S2 Commercial Pokes Innocent Fun At Apple Fans

by 2 years ago

Promoting the Android Galaxy S II line, the advertisement doesn’t have flashy graphics, cool techno sounds and a list of device features. Instead, it places Samsung opposite of Apple, joking about the latter’s sometimes obsessive fanboy culture while giving users a teaser of a new and powerful alternative.

How to Get Alpha Port Of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich For The Samsung Galaxy S2

ice cream
by 2 years ago

Although the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has already been confirmed, I could not help myself when news on the Alpha port of ICS for the SGS2 appeared on the web. Despite having a “stable” ROM, not everything seemed to be functioning at this point of time – all thanks to its developer xplodwold. Being the “serial flasher” that I am, I took the first dive into the ICS port to get a taste of this sweet treat. Considering that it was an Alpha port, it’s not a recommended daily ROM that will pique the interest of most users. Although,…

Galaxy Note vs Galaxy S2 vs Galaxy Nexus – the Best of the Best?

by 2 years ago

2011 has proven to be a very significant year for Samsung. Not only did they release the Samsung Galaxy S2 – a respectable phone with a reputation that holds its own; there’s also a Galaxy Note, the first 5.3” phone-tablet with an S Pen Stylus. Samsung also holds the privilege of releasing the 3rd Nexus phone – the Galaxy Nexus – running Android 4.0, and the first ever Android phone with hardware acceleration. They also clinched the top smartphone manufacturer in Q3 of 2011, as well as surpassed Symbian to become the No.1 manufacturer in South East Asia. These are…