Galaxy S3 to surpass Galaxy S in Internet usage

by 1 year ago

The Galaxy S3 is without a doubt the most popular Android handset of the moment and the best device Samsung launched to date. The company has already revealed that it sold over 10 million Galaxy S3 units in the first two months after release, and that number is probably even higher right now. To further prove the popularity of the Galaxy S3, we fond a new Chitika report which reveals that the Galaxy S3 is set to surpass the original Galaxy S, itself a popular device at its time, when it comes to internet usage. The study has been conducted…

CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies available for Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and other devices

by 1 year ago

The CyanogenMod team announced on Google+ that various Android devices will get CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies starting this week. The list includes various popular Android handsets and tablets, whose owners will get a taste of Jelly Bean well ahead of the official releases for those devices. Here’s a list of devices that have started receiving the CM10 Nightlies: U.S. Samsung Galaxy S3 variants Galaxy Nexus variants Nexus S variants Nexus 7 Transformer and Transformer Prime Samsung Galaxy S variants (Vibrant, Captivate, International, and i9000b) Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100g P3 and P5 tablets Moreover, CM9 Nightly builds will be rolled out on a…

Samsung Galaxy S smartphone displays go head to head, S3 panel unsurprisingly comes out on top

Galaxy S Series
by 2 years ago

There has been much debate around exactly what improvements Samsung has brought to the table with the Galaxy S3 over the S2 and a big part of that discussion has concentrated on the two smartphones’ displays. While many users have agreed that the S3’s screen is a natural evolution from the S2’s panel, there have been more than a fistful of critics disagreeing with that opinion, which has led to Samsung officials issuing statements defending the new display. Naturally, that hasn’t completely calmed the criticism “storm”, but maybe DisplayMate’s most recent in-depth analysis will manage to do just that. According…

Samsung and Apple got 90% of smartphone profits in Q1 2012

by 2 years ago

Samsung and Apple, while bound by a multi-billion dollar business partnership, are also fierce enemies, especially in the mobile space where the two companies are competing both in the smartphone and tablet businesses. Recent research studies that Samsung managed to move past Apple to become the number one smartphone maker in the world, but the race is very tight, and we’re not looking at a complete Samsung win yet. What’s clear is that the two corporations are making a lot of money off of their mobile divisions, and a new study from ABI Research shows that between them Samsung and…

Samsung Galaxy S3 topples iPhone 4S on Mobile Tracker Charts

by 2 years ago

After using the Samsung Galaxy S3 as my primary mobile device for a couple of days now, I’m quite confident to say that Apple has all the reason to be wary of Sammy’s latest flagship device. The Galaxy S3 definitely has what it takes to pull the iPhone 4S down any given mobile tracking charts. In both design and performance the Galaxy S3  can easily match up what the iPhone 4S has been offering. And we all better accept that, regardless of whether we are sitting on the Android or iOS bench. As an example of how hot of a…

T-Mobile Galaxy S3 press photo leaked, home button still in the picture

by 2 years ago

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already available in various international markets, US Android fans interested in purchasing the company’s 2012 flagship smartphone will have to wait at least a few more weeks to get it, if recent rumors are correct. The phone is expected to land in U.S. stores on June 20, at which point you’ll be able to get your Galaxy S3 flavor from one of the four major mobile operators – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are already confirmed to carry the Galaxy S3 – or from one of the regional carriers that will surely pick up the…

How It Works: AMOLED Displays

by 2 years ago

You’ve heard the AMOLED term a bunch of times when looking for more information about a certain smartphone (especially an Android-powered one) or when actually talking with the in-store carrier representatives about the characteristics that differentiate various mobile devices between them. Whether you already know what AMOLED is or not, we’re going to thoroughly explain it for you, so next time you buy a mobile device and somebody tells you it’s got an AMOLED screen of some sort, you know exactly what they’re talking about. You might like: AMOLED vs LCD – What is the difference? What is AMOLED? AMOLED…

Sammy just keeps on breaking records: Galaxy S and S2 top 50 million sales, Galaxy Note hits 7m

samsung sales
by 2 years ago

Samsung is really enjoying flaunting its sales figures lately, so it should come as no surprise that the latest sales report released by Sammy mentions some new and very impressive numbers. No, the quarter hasn’t yet finished (there’s a whole month to go), but that’s no reason for Samsung to not brag with probably its most successful devices ever, the original Galaxy S phone, the Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Note “phablet”. According to the company’s official statements, combined Galaxy S and S2 sales have topped the 50 million mark worldwide, which is darn impressive, anyway you look at it….

Fixing low storage notification problems in Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

by 2 years ago

When using a device, storage space is so precious especially if you are fond of downloading games, applications, and videos on your device. It always helps if your device’s external storage is expandable so that you can have more space for your downloads. You can also remove the bloatware on your device to free up some space. If those two still are not enough, there’s another way to increase the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy S. Thanks to independent developers on XDA Developers, there is a script that you can flash on your Galaxy S to answer your problem. …