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Is Samsung prepping up the Galaxy S3 release in the US? Possible new names for the series trademarked

by: Bams SadewoMarch 12, 2012

Quick, name your favorite Samsung Galaxy S series in the US! We won’t blame you if you have a hard time remembering all of the creative names that Samsung and US carriers have come up with. And the list is about to grow bigger, as the company has filed more trademark names that we suspect are reserved for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The new names that Samsung have filed for protection are the Galaxy Thunder, Galaxy Express and Galaxy Accelerate. A short while back, the company has also secured the Galaxy Emerge, Galaxy Stellar, and Galaxy Halo monikers. It’s not certain yet if these are the names that the company will christen the Samsung Galaxy S3 with, but let’s [...]


Point-and-Shoot Cameras Going the Way of the Dinosaur, Smartphones to Blame

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 9, 2012


The funny thing about technology that many in the tech world don’t fully understand (or don’t want to understand) is the fact that a product doesn’t need to be perfect to be successful. There are many concepts that show that “good enough” is, at least sometimes, all the users are asking for.

The MP3 format removes much of the original information in a recording for the sake of a smaller size, but users don’t seem to mind, although music luminaries regularly argue against lossy formats. The same thing for JPG vs. RAW. And let’s not start analyzing why users love the Kindle Fire, with all its flaws and inconsistencies.

Which brings us to the problem [...]


New Rumor: Galaxy S3 to be Announced in March, Launch in April

by: LucianMarch 2, 2012

The fun never stops here, folks. This has certainly been a rollercoaster of a ride thus far, and shows no signs of slowing down. The Galaxy S3 launch date rumors have ranged from early 2012 to mid-summer, but now we have yet another rumor vying for our attention and analysis. This time we have reports that indicate that the Galaxy S3 might be launched as soon as April.  ZDNet Korea is reporting that the Galaxy S3 might be announced this month, and will launch just weeks later, in April.

Apparently, the sources for this rumor come directly from the advertising company that Samsung has employed for running a Galaxy S3 campaign for the device at the summer Olympics in UK. [...]


If This Is True, the Galaxy S3 Will Be the Best Phone of the Year – Again

by: LucianFebruary 27, 2012

Samsung is not perfect, and I think they are following the wrong strategy by releasing many rehashed devices lately. Still, this is how they have done business over the past several years. I’ve been amazed at Samsung’s ability to make the Galaxy S the phone of the year, twice in a row already. When the original Galaxy S launched, it was unbeatable for at least 7 months until the first dual core phone appeared on the market. Again, with the Galaxy S2, it was unbeatable for around 6 months until the Galaxy Nexus appeared, which perhaps not by coincidence, was also a Samsung device.

I started to feel a little disappointed with the latest rumors about the [...]


Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Almost Certainly in July

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 27, 2012
For what seems to be an eternity, we have speculated about the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 release date. Rumor after rumor, our hopes were kindled, only to be brutally crushed when the supposed launch date passed joylessly. First, it was January at the CES. Then, this week’s MWC was pegged as the perfect occasion to launch the S3 (in 2011, the Galaxy S2 was announced at MWC). But Samsung made it clear that we won’t see the new S3 in Barcelona. So when is the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming? Read on!

What Will Be the Best Android Phone of 2012?

by: Shaleen SinhaFebruary 26, 2012

[Updated: February 21st, Updated: February 27 Updated: March 20 Updated: May 20]

The year 2011 was all about “dual core” becoming the standard for high-end smartphones. And we have all witnessed what yesteryear’s superphones like the Samsung Galaxy S II, DROID RAZR MAXX, and others are capable of. The following phones are much more powerful than anything released last year, and for this upcoming generation of devices, even more.

So, what next? This year, chip-makers have come forth with quad core processors supporting mobile multitasking comparable to the performance of a desktop computer of a few years ago, powered by Tegra 3 SoC’s and TI’s OMAP [...]


New Details Emerge on Samsung Galaxy S3: Ceramic Back, 4.8-inch HD Screen & More

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 26, 2012

With the Galaxy S2 still going strong (over 10 million units sold in the last four months), we understand why Samsung isn’t hurrying to out its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III, as the official branding goes). But for true Android fans, the wait for Koreans’ new flagship device is agonizing.

The S2 is a wonderful piece of hardware, so our expectations for the next generation of the Galaxy S are lofty. Thankfully, more and more rumors indicate that the S3 will definitely be worth the wait.

BGR claims that the new Galaxy S3 will treat our eyes with some serious eye candy. According to their sources, the new S3 will boast a magnificent 4.8-inch display, probably [...]


Samsung holding a March 22nd event, Announcing the 7mm-thick Galaxy S3?

by: AlexanderFebruary 7, 2012

Here we go with the rumor mill on the Galaxy S3 again. It’s already been confirmed by Samsung that they will not be announcing or showing off their Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress later this month, but it looks like they will be announcing it at their own event in late-March. Frandroid has stated that the March 22nd date is the same date that Samsung will be holding a media event in France, and so far there is no mention of what will be unveiled, the Galaxy S2 successor should certainly be the main runner in this rumor mill.

If all the earlier leaks and rumors we have seen and heard prove to be correct, the Galaxy S3 will feature a 4.6″ 720p Super AMOLED plus [...]


Samsung Galaxy S3 to be only 7mm thick, Launching in May?

by: AlexanderFebruary 6, 2012

Korea’s Electronic Times News is adding to the rumors floating around the Galaxy S3, which will not be at Mobile World Congress this year, citing unnamed sources in their report claiming the phone will measure at just 7mm thick and will launch in May. The new flagship device is said to sport a 8mp or or a 12mp camera with a 2mp front-facing camera, Super AMOLED Plus Display and Android 4.0. Other rumors have said it will have 2GB of RAM for multi-tasking, along with a quad-core processor, and 4G LTE capabilities. If we get all of this goodness inside a 7mm thick frame, many people will be running to get one whenever it launches in the US.

Last year’s Galaxy S2 [...]


Nightly Poll: When will the Galaxy S3 be Announced and Released?

by: AlexanderFebruary 1, 2012

It’s time for another nightly poll, this time we asking when do you think the Galaxy S3 will be announced and when it will be released? Earlier today we brought you news that Samsung has confirmed they will not be bringing the Galaxy S3 to Mobile World Congress later this month, and that it would be announced at a separate Samsung event, but when?

So hit up the comments and let us know when you think this Samsung event will take place to announce the Galaxy S3, when it will finally be released, whether it will be a worldwide launch or if it’ll be released in the US about 6 months later then internationally. [...]

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