AT&T Galaxy S3 receives its own ‘dumb search’ update

by 2 years ago

After Sprint has updated its Galaxy S3 version to replace the regular search feature with a dumber one – that’s showing only web results, with local results no longer displayed – the carrier confirmed that “unified search” is no longer available on the flagship device. The move can only be perceived as a preemptive measure from Samsung meant to deal with any potential Apple patent infringement claims. Apple has already scored an injunction against the Galaxy Nexus in the U.S.  – the sales ban has been lifted in the mean time – thanks to its patent on unified search technology, and the…

Samsung Galaxy S3 now on sale on US Cellular website, coming to stores this week

by 2 years ago

Although the big four carriers in the US have already released their variants of the Samsung Galaxy S3, some folks are still waiting for one of the regional carriers to start offering the super phone. The first smaller carrier to step up to the plate is U.S. Cellular, which has officially started taking orders of the Galaxy S3 on its website. You can now buy the 16GB model of the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $199.99 (after a mail-in rebate), with both the Pebble Blue and Ceramic White color available to choose from. Note that the price requires a data plan….

Verizon blames Samsung for locked bootloader, Samsung unveils Galaxy S3 Developer Edition in response

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by 2 years ago

As the Internet backlash started building against Verizon for locking the bootloader of its Galaxy S3 model, Big Red tried to get out of it by suggesting it’s actually all Samsung’s fault. The allegation seems suspicious to anyone who’s followed Verizon’s history with locked bootloaders, and to anyone who knows that the Galaxy S3 bootloader is unlocked on every carrier in the world – except for Verizon. That’s kind of a strange coincidence, isn’t it? Later, when they realized nobody’s buying it, Verizon came up with their same old excuse (which also nobody buys) that an unlocked device could hurt…

New Galaxy S3 ads show the phone’s unique sharing features [Video]

by 2 years ago

Samsung officials have declared that the company will be a lot more focused on software from now on, a course of action that is already visible in the unique software features of the Galaxy S3. What this means is not necessarily that Samsung will focus on reskinning Android even more, but rather on adding new and unique features that both stock Android and other platforms lack. This seems to be Samsung’s main differentiation strategy now, and it’s showing in their new ads. The three new ads that they have just put out seem to be pretty good, at least compared to…

T-Mobile Galaxy S3 back-to-school BOGO promo unveiled – not as good as you’d have hoped

by 2 years ago

T-Mobile has already rolled out its back-to-school promotion and you’ll be happy to hear there are plenty of smartphones included in its buy-one-get-one (BOGO) sale. Even the recently launched Galaxy S3 is part of the promo, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to receive a free Galaxy S3 when buying a Galaxy S3 handset bundled with a new contract. Instead, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of other Galaxy-branded handsets including the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy S Blaze 4G or the Galaxy Exhibit 4G when buying the new Galaxy S3. These three devices will be available free of…

Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300: Setting up and running Ubuntu Linux on your phone

by 2 years ago

Your Android device is like a mini computer running on a Linux kernel. Ubuntu, which is  also a flavor of Linux, is generally for desktop PCs, netbooks, and laptops.  Since Ubuntu relies on the Linux kernel, is it possible to run Ubuntu on an Android device? XDA Developers member tiborr answers that question by sharing a guide on how to setup and run Ubuntu on your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, which, because of its awesome quad-core power and more-than-enough storage, is capable of running Ubuntu. Using the Ubuntu Installer app and his edited script, the said developer was able to…

Sprint Galaxy S3 security update dumbs down search to avoid Apple injunction

by 2 years ago

The Galaxy S3 has just started selling in the U.S. and it has already received a bunch of security updates – especially the Sprint version – that shouldn’t affect your general smartphone experience. However, the most recent update that’s available as an over-the-air (OTA) download, also carries an unwanted fix. Apparently Samsung is afraid that Apple may continue to seek an injunction against this flagship handset in the U.S., and therefore the company decided to also update the search feature on the Sprint Galaxy S3. We’re looking at a dumbed down search feature that lets users access only web results…

Verizon will now ship new Galaxy S3 online orders on July 19

by 2 years ago

We know how convenient it is to buy things online. With a click of a button (or two), you’ll have the goods shipped to your front door in no time at all. But if you’re planning to buy THE hottest Android item of the year – at least for the time being – through Verizon’s website, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the deliveryman to knock on your door. Following the delayed release of Samsung Galaxy S3 in its stores, Verizon has now pushed back the shipping date for people who buy the mighty phone online. Initially, the delivery date for…

Samsung uploads Verizon’s Galaxy S3 source code

by 2 years ago

Being the last major carrier in the U.S. to release the Samsung Galaxy S3, Verizon is drawing some flak from customers for its decision to ship the phone with an encrypted bootloader. The locked bootloader is a potential problem that owners of Galaxy S3 on the other three major carriers in the country don’t have to face. While it doesn’t necessarily close the flashing custom ROMs door for Verizon customers, it certainly makes it harder. With Big Red hasn’t exactly been a big help, it’s up to Samsung to set things right — or at least give a helping hand…

Verizon pushes back Samsung Galaxy S3 in-store availability to July 12

by 2 years ago

If you were hoping to casually visit Verizon stores on July 10 to get what the rest of the cool tech geeks are using, prepare to be disappointed and come home empty handed. It seems Big Red has delayed the launch of the phone by two days, with July 12 now set as the new date for its availability. The delay is not the end of the world, but for some folks, it might be a good enough reason to do some carrier hopping and get their Samsung Galaxy S3 fix elsewhere. The good news is the delay doesn’t seem…