Samsung Galaxy Camera

While it is still regarded by some as an oddity, we here at Android Authority are fans of the the Samsung Galaxy Camera, as evidenced in our review of it last month. Now even more people will have a chance to try it out, as it is now available in Canada.

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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is among the most unique Android devices. It’s not a phone or a tablet. It’s a point and shoot camera running Jelly Bean with some pretty awesome specs. It has... already been announced for AT&T and it’s available with no contract for $499.99. According to a product page that no longer exists, it’s also headed to Verizon.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera

Some call it bizarre, some funky, whereas others think of it as a brilliant gadget that breaks down the boundaries between smart devices and point-and-shoot cameras. If you’re part of the latter category and love the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but hesitated to get it from AT&T for $500, you should check out discount website DailySteals


In this post, we review the newest Android-powered camera from Samsung, the Galaxy Camera EK-GC100. The Galaxy Camera is just like any ordinary point-and-shoot but, at the same time, is also a smart device that lets you browse the Net, play games, and instantly upload your images and videos to the Web. See our in-depth review.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is an Android-powered digital camera that features a 16-megapixel sensor, 23mm F/2.8 lens, 21x optical zoom, and 4.8-inch capacitive touchscreen. The camera connects wirelessly through WiFi and mobile data for image backup and uploading to social networking services.

Longing for a taste of smart cameras, eh? If you live up north of the 49th parallel (actually a few degrees south for the majority), then the Samsung Galaxy Camera is coming your way. Samsung has announced the launch of their smart camera in Canada in time for the holiday season.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Camera, but find yourself squirming knowing that there are certain things that you just can’t do, you may be in luck, as some intrepid folks over at XDA Developers have rooted the device, and it seems fairly easy to do.