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Deal Alert: Pick up a Series 3 Samsung Chromebook from Ebay for only $160

by: Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 3, 2015
You can pick up the Series 3 Samsung Chromebook for only $160 on Ebay. While it's not the most powerful computer on the market, saving almost $100 on the Chromebook is a considerable discount.
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Samsung reportedly preparing next-gen Chromebook: octa-core Exynos and 2560×1600 display

by: Andrew GrushDecember 30, 2013
According to a new report from Business Korea, Samsung is gearing up to make a next-gen ARM-powered Chromebook with a high-resolution display and octa-core Exynos CPU.
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Samsung Chromebook: Six months later

by: Adam KoueiderSeptember 2, 2013
Can a $250 laptop hold up to the strains of six months of constant use? We take a look at the Samsung Chromebook after six months to find out. Read on!
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The potential of the Chromebook franchise

by: Nate SwannerFebruary 13, 2013
The Chromebook has been discussed quite a bit lately. With leaked videos, Android mentioned in the code, and a website domain reserved it looks like we’ll see something amazing at Google I/O this Spring. Even with all that speculation, is Chromebook ever going to be viable? Are you ever going to consider a Chromebook like you consider your current computer, a standalone platform?
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The best cheap Android tablets to start 2013

by: Nate SwannerDecember 28, 2012
In a very crowded Android tablet space, which are the best cheap Android tablets to start 2013? Which tablet is right for you?
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Got Chromebooks? Free 100GB Google Drive storage and Gogo in-air Internet passes await

by: Bams SadewoOctober 23, 2012
While waiting for the postman to deliver the new Chromebook to your door, we suggest reading the following information on how to score some goodies for the notebook. Those who own previous versions of the Chromebook can also make use of the offer – if they haven’t already done so.
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Ubuntu Linux finds its way to the ARM-based Samsung Chromebook

by: Robert NelsonOctober 23, 2012
Coming by way of a "Hack your Chromebook" night at Google, Olaf Johansson, a Googler, managed to get Ubuntu Linux installed and running on his ARM-based Samsung Chromebook.
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$249 Samsung Chromebook launched with Google Play, but also Best Buy stores?

by: Chris SmithOctober 22, 2012
Just a few days ago we saw Samsung’s brand new Chromebook ultra-affordable models, the $249 Wi-Fi version and the $329 3G laptop. At that time we didn’t have any actual release dates for either model, but it looks like we now have good news for Chrome OS enthusiasts.
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Google’s latest Chromebook to skip Asia for now

by: Bams SadewoOctober 22, 2012
It seems Google isn’t ready yet to take the new Chromebook on a world tour. The Chrome OS laptop will be offered only in the U.S. and UK, where interested customers can already preorder it online.
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New Samsung Chromebook also comes with 3G support, costs $329.99

by: Chris SmithOctober 19, 2012
Just yesterday we showed you Google’s and Samsung’s most recent product, the 2012 Samsung Chromebook that costs just $249 to own. For that price you get an ARM-based machine that will offer you access to Chrome OS and all of its goodies.
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