Quick Review: Flipboard for Android

by 2 years ago

We recently told you that the Samsung Galaxy S3 version of the iOS favourite FlipBoard had been extracted and posted online. I’ve grabbed it off of XDA and tried it out on a Samsung Galaxy S2, an Asus Transformer, an HTC One X and an HTC Desire HD. So, let me share my experiences with you. Everything works The first thing I should mention is that everything in the application works, this ranges from the namesake swiping between news posts to signing into Twitter. The initial set-up of an account and selecting news genres is easy, and from there you are…

How to Add Any RSS Feed to Android Browser and Read in Google Reader

by 2 years ago

  If you’re that person who constantly keeps tabs on the latest news feeds from various Web sites, then you’re probably familiar with using RSS feeds. RSS feeds are becoming popular these days because with RSS feeds, you can enjoy the freshest news as it unfolds right on your mobile phone, tablets or PC. One popular RSS reader is Google Reader. It is a great companion for everyday updates of news and information. The web-based application is capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to add your favorite RSS feeds…

12 Free Must-Have Apps For Your Honeycomb Tablet

by 2 years ago

Starting out with your new Android tablet and don’t know what apps to get? Let us help you by presenting this fine list of quality apps for your daily needs. From Facebook to Office, we got you covered. And it’s not just for you new tablet owners; long-time Honeycomb users can peruse our selections as well and check out some apps they might have missed. 1. Friend Me for Facebook And what would a list like this be without a Facebook app? FriendMe is a tablet-optimized, ad-supported app that gives you almost everything FB in one screen. It even has games,…

Video: SPIDERSS application for Android

by 4 years ago
269 co.,ltd. are a Japanese company established in May 28, 2003 and founded by Taisuke Fukuno. The Tokyo based firm claim to be the first to create a Java-based browser making it possible to view standard PC web-sites on mobile phones. Indeed, the jig browser has had over 4 million downloads. Impressive in its own right, these statistics do nothing if not remind us that there is a whole mobile community outside of Europe and North America. have now released an Android application that combined RSS feeds, social networking and web-browsing all into one neat little application. In their…