Green Day Angry Birds

No, you won’t need 21 guns to fend off pig attacks, and we definitely don’t want you to lay down your arms and give up the fight. This Fall, Rovio is launching an episode of its hugely popular Angry Birds franchise that rock fans are going to love. Rovio has partnered with Green Day for a special 10-level episode of Angry Birds Friends that features music from the band.


Gaming on a smartphone or tablet has become everyone’s favorite pastime. Granted, gaming consoles and PC games aren’t going to be replaced anytime soon. But with HD displays and getting-more-powerful-by-the-day processors, we are seeing a growing number of graphic-intensive campaign-style games. However, it’s always the “simpler” games like Angry Birds…

angry birds seasons piglantis

Like clockwork, Rovio has rolled out a new Angry Birds Seasons update titled Piglantis, named after an Atlantis-like city inhabited with, you guessed it, pigs. The last update to the Seasons series was Cherry Blossoms, which came out in early March. The new Angry Birds Seasons (v 2.4.0) adds 30 all-new…