Raspberry Pi gets even sweeter, turbo mode allows up to 1GHz speeds

by 1 year ago

The Raspberry Pi is designed as a tinkering device and for educational purposes, though it is also quite useful for things like media playing and light gaming. As an owner of a Raspberry Pi board myself, I can’t sing enough praises to it and feel that its really worth the money for a true ‘geek’ at heart.

Android 4.0 comes to the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi avoids chinese firewall
by 1 year ago

The Raspberry Pi board has achieved huge popularity because of its low-price of $25-$35 (depending on the version of the chip), which makes it more of an impulse buy than anything. People just buy them now and figure out what to do with them later. The project should also get a big boost from the education sector, as schools might want to buy the board for kids to play with. Something like Raspberry Pi should become very popular in developing countries, provided that the company behind it can make enough units to satisfy demand. Raspberry Pi has supported Fedora Linux…

Gooseberry board takes fight to Raspberry Pi, sells out in a few hours

by 2 years ago

As the demand for low-cost, low-power, high performance ARM-based mini boards continues, alternatives to the ARM6 based Raspberry Pi have started to appear and they are proving just as popular. Touting three times the CPU power of the Raspberry Pi and twice as much RAM, the board (which uses the Allwinner A10 Cortex A8 1 Ghz CPU) was available for just ÂŁ40 UK pounds which is roughly $62 US dollars. It runs Android 4.0.3 out of the box, but support for Ubuntu and Arm Arch Linux is expected in the near future. It has 4GB of on-board flash and support for an additional 32GB via a…

Dock your Android device wirelessly to any TV, with Android Transporter and Raspberry Pi

Android Transporter
by 2 years ago

Those of you who’ve been following up with our website for more than a little while might remember a little piece we did a month back on Android Transporter, a software project based on Wi-Fi Display technology that makes wireless display between two Android devices a piece of cake. The project was in development at the time and is still far from an official introduction and release, but we’re excited to let you know about an important Transporter update. The software has now been made to work with the Raspberry Pi and allows easy content sharing from an Android smartphone or tablet to a television…

Raspberry Pi GPU is Twice as Powerful as the iPhone 4S GPU

Raspberry Pi computer
by 2 years ago

Remember Raspberry Pi, the tiny $25 computer that’s launching very soon, and promises to revolutionize the world? It seems its GPU comprehensively beats the Tegra 2 GPU and is even twice as powerful as the iPhone 4S GPU. At the heart of the device it’s a Broadcom BCM2835 chip that comes with a 700 Mhz CPU, and this ultra-powerful GPU. A Broadcom employee had this to say about it: “I was on the team that designed the graphics core, so I’m a little biased here, but I genuinely believe we have the best mobile GPU team in the world at Broadcom…