If for some reason Boost and Virgin’s offers failed to convince you until now, the next days seem like the ideal moment to go from postpaid to prepaid, courtesy of a “yard sale” organized in collaboration with RadioShack. Three HTC phones are offered for heavily discounted prices through the retailer, while two other new handhelds from ZTE and Samsung have launched with RadioShack on the cheap.


Radioshack’s upcoming No Contract Wireless service is rumored to be on its way out within a week’s time, and as the launch comes closer we are learning many more details about what the prepaid service will bring to the table. Both smartphone plans RadioShack offers unlimited voice and messaging, but the $50 option has just one gigabyte of 3G data at 3G speed, while the second option is a $60 plan that offers 2.5GB data and mobile hotspot use, Visual Voicemail, and unlimited international texts and unlimited directory service.


It seems that we won’t have to wait but a couple of weeks for RadioShack to get into the mobile carrier business. At least that’s what a leaked screenshot picked up by Engadget suggests, also “announcing” the exact date when RadioShack No Contract Wireless will be live.

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Is there any more room in the crowded wireless service providers business? Well, it might seem that way, as RadioShack, in cahoots with Cricket, is gearing up to get into the game. If we are to trust some leaked internal docs, RadioShack, one of the biggest electronics retailers in America, is planning to launch its own no-contract wireless service.


Yesterday we heard that AT&T will start selling the HTC One X for just $99.99 with a two-year contract on Sunday, which means buyers interested in HTC’s 2012... flagship smartphone will have a chance of taking advantage of a healthy $100 discount for the device.

In the mean time, we have received confirmation that RadioShack will also offer its customer...