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LG Optimus Note – Another Dual Core QWERTY Challenger Leaked

by: James Paguyo IIISeptember 8, 2011

Recent polls suggest that people actually prefer touchscreen keyboards, but this writer would beg to differ. Having made the jump from a Blackberry Bold to a Samsung Galaxy S II, I still have to say that I miss the satisfaction that tactile keyboards provide.

With that in mind, enter the LG Optimus Note. Leaked in a recent press shot, the Optimus Note features a very respectable set of specs, and features on of the first beefed up versions of Nvidia’s Tegra 2 SoC, being that it is clocked at 1.2 Ghz, as opposed to the standard 1Ghz speed we have all come to know (and love).

It’s a slider smartphone, measuring 12.3 mm thin, and comes with the [...]

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T-Mobile To Bring LG Flip II To The States

by: Aerol BibatAugust 8, 2011

The first we heard about the LG Flip II was in June this year at a London expo. The surprising thing about it was the “II” part of the name – as far as we know there’s no LG Flip. Of course, there maybe a totally unrelated phone that bears the “Flip” name – branding can work a bit like that after all.

Anyway, information about it was pretty limited then, but – surprise, surprise – it seems that T-Mobile will be bringing the phone to the States.

So what exactly makes the LG Flip II special?

Well, what got everyone’s attention when it was firs shown is the unique between-the-keys display. This [...]

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Motorola Droid 3 Saga Continues – Appears in Verizon’s Internal System!

by: Darcy LaCouveeMay 31, 2011

Ah yes, the elusive QWERTY superphone that it is. The original Motorola Droid is considered by many to be the Android phone that ignited technolust in the hearts of mobile tech lovers worldwide. Thankfully, it is finally looking like Verizon is readying the official release of the highly sought after Motorola Droid 3.

The Motorola Droid 3 has just appeared in Verizon’s device management system, and confirms a few things, but still very little in the way of what we are looking for. While the above image doesn’t offer us a specific time frame or date, it does confirm what the rumor mill has been saying all along – there is a Motorola Droid 3, and it is [...]

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Gingerbread Dual Core QWERTY Coming: HTC Doubleshot!

by: Darcy LaCouveeApril 26, 2011

the diligent folks at Pocketnow have found a very interesting “user profile” that details an upcoming QWERTY dual core Android 2.3 in the works.

Dubbed the HTC Doubleshot, it  is going to be coming with the freshest version of  Android – 2.3 Gingerbread – as well as a (thank god) physical QWERTY keyboard. While phones like the Motorola Atrix, the HTC Sensation, and the Samsung Galaxy S II get all the love from people, there still are significant numbers of people that live and die by physical QWERTY keyboards.

Here are the specs & interesting bits:1.2GHz dual core processor (most likely the same one in the HTC Sensation and HTC EVO [...]
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Motorola outs two Android smartphones, the MILESTONE 2 and rugged DEFY

by: Derek ScottSeptember 1, 2010

Today Motorola announced two new Android smartphones, the MILESTONE 2 and the DEFY. The Motorola MILESTONE 2 smartphone, which is the non-U.S. version of the Motorola DROID 2 for Verizon Wireless, works on UMTS and GSM networks, but otherwise offers the same basic design and features, including a full QWERTY keyboard and WVGA touchscreen display.  The MILESTONE 2 runs on Android 2.2 Froyo.

The Motorola DEFY is a ruggedized smartphone that features a 3.7-inch WVGA display and can withstand exposure to both dust and water. The phone offers MOTOBLUR social networking and messaging support, runs on Android 2.1, and include Adobe Flash Lite support, a 5 megapixel camera/camcorder, [...]

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Motorola CHARM for T-Mobile USA arrives

by: Derek ScottAugust 27, 2010

Motorola CHARM

The Motorola Charm for T-Mobile USA arrived this morning, and Michael has already started putting together a video tour of the device that should be published in the next day or two.

A full review is coming, as well.

The Charm features a QVGA res touchscreen display and a full QWERTY keyboard in a bar shaped form factor. It sports a 3.0 megapixel camera and ships with both standard and extended batteries, with matching rear covers, in the box. Pretty sweet.

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Leaked: HTC Vision Android QWERTY smartphone

by: Derek ScottJuly 4, 2010

Photos of what looks to be called the HTC Vision have been leaked online, and if correct, the new smartphone will run Android 2.1 and feature a 3.7-inch touchscreen display, a 1GHz processor, and a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  The new device is thought to be heading to T-Mobile in the U.S.

[via Engadget]

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Motorola FLIPOUT gets official

by: Michael OrylJune 2, 2010

Motorola FLIPOUT

Motorola has made its new Android 2.1 powered FLIPOUT official (though we’ve seen it before). The device sports a cool form factor that centers around a swing out QWERTY keyboard. It looks something like a Nokia 7705, but with Android goodness and an updated version of MOTOBLUR inside.

Some of the key updates to MotoBlur include the ability to filter out certain types of content from your various social network feeds. The home screen widgets are also available in various sizes.

The phone features 7.2Mbps HSDPA 3G connectivity and is powered by a 1170mAh battery that is good for up to 4.5 hours of talk time. [...]

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Android Cupcake’s virtual on-screen keyboard seen in video

by: Michael OrylDecember 22, 2008

Android Cupcake's virtual keyboard

Well, that didn’t take long.  Some kind soul has put together a YouTube video demonstrating what appears to be the on-screen virtual keyboard that was promised by the Cupcake update to Android.

There’s no real sound in the video, and no indication as to whether or not the phone is providing any sort of vibration feedback when the keys are pressed, but it’s still worth watching.  It’s brief, you can spare the time.

The video was just posted a few days ago, but the date on the phone’s lock screen is October 19th, 2008.  Read into that what you will.

You can see the [...]

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