Android app review: LogMote Android app for passwordless logins via QR code scanning

by 1 year ago

A password is meant for security, preventing unauthorized people from accessing private and important information. Still, it doesn’t guarantee absolute protection, for it also has its own limitations. For instance, you are not protected from keyloggers that can grab your login data anytime. Furthermore, if you have numerous online service accounts, remembering all those passwords without mixing them up is quite a challenge, except if you have a photographic memory. This is where LogMote comes in handy, providing a password-free log-in service where you access web services on your desktop through QR code scanning. We have already reviewed Uniclau, another…

Uniclau: Logging in to your online accounts by just scanning QR codes

by 2 years ago

It may be safe to assume that an average Internet user has more than 2 user accounts in a variety of places such as social networking sites, e-mail providers, cloud storage, blogs, apps, and more. Having multiple accounts and passwords to remember is quite a hassle and confusing them with each other can spell a headache. It isn’t a problem if you’re using your own computer where you can set your browser to remember all your respective accounts and passwords, but what if you have to use another computer? What’s even worse is you might get some of your accounts…

Coming soon: withdraw ATM cash wirelessly and safely using your phone

by 2 years ago

Using an NFC-equipped smartphone to pay for meals and small items might be all the rage now, but cash still dominates in many parts of the world. With ATM machines not going away anytime soon, one company is proposing the combined use of a mobile app and the camera on your Android smartphone to withdraw cash wirelessly from the ATM machine. As demonstrated on the video, the NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal system consists of a mobile app and an additional software installed on the ATM machine. Additional hardware installation, such as an NFC reader or barcode scanner — however —…

Android Apps Your Phone Should Have

Don't you just love free apps?
by 2 years ago

There are a total of more than 150,000 Android apps out on the market now. The overwhelmingly huge amount of application choices can be mind-boggling to a new Android phone user. Here is an attempt to make the decision a little easier. Presented below are some apps that by their features and popularity can be labeled as ‚Äėmust-haves‚Äô. They cover most of the common uses and aspects of an Android phone from basic operation to entertainment and security. Customization Apps 1.¬†Free Advanced Task Manager As the name says, this program enables you to accomplish the basic routines quickly without eating…

The Weather Channel gets hip, distributes its Android app via an on-screen QR code

by 4 years ago

When watching the national weather on the Weather Channel, the last thing most people expect to see is a giant QR code in the corner of the map but there it is, that glorious black and white square. Apparently, the Weather Channel has been pushing its Android app and Android owners can use their favorite barcode scanning app to scan the QR code which overlays the map. A successful scan will take the user to the Android Market where they can, of course, download the Weather Channel app. While us tech folk are standing in front of¬† the TV trying…

Get the 2.1 Google News & Weather widget on your 2.0 device

by 4 years ago

For all of you non Nexus One owners out there wanting to get a little more of the 2.1 experience on your device, scan the barcode to the right with a QR Code recognizing app and voila, you’ve got the Google News & Weather app and widgets.¬† This trick has been around for about a month now but I have seen little about it posted on the internet, so I figured that I would share it here.¬† Along with this, remember that you can also get the 2.1 Gallery with updated interface as well.¬† In order to install, you will…

App Reviews: AutoConference and Silencer

by 4 years ago

A couple of applications that provide similar convenience whilst using your phone’s accelerometer are AutoConference by Pythonistas and Silencer by Bruno Albuqurque. ¬†AutoConference allows you to toggle speakerphone by simply holding the phone with the screen facing up or placing it on a flat surface in the same direction. ¬†Silencer does something similar, but equally impressive. ¬†Place the phone screen facing down on a flat surface and it will automatically put your phone in silent mode. ¬†While both of these apps are relatively simple in terms of features, the¬†usefulness and ease of each make them both must have applications for…